Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Events at OHMS

(Because December is a little crazy, here  is the whole months worth of events.) 

Events for Nov 29 - Dec 3
Monday the 29th:
Tuesday the 30th: Sub-4-Santa Assemblies.  The goal is $12,000. That is $10 for every student and teacher at OHMS.  The students are being encouraged to “earn” the money.  Ask to see the letter that was given to them.
Wednesday the 1st: TA Sub-4-Santa Collection begins. (It ends Dec 16th) Every TA will decorate their rooms and doors.  Candy Grams and Pink Wristbands (‘Fight Breast Cancer”) for sale daily before school and at lunch for $1 each.
Thursday the 2nd: Coin toss at lunch.     Noon PTSA meeting in the board room.  Anyone is welcome to attend.
Friday the 3rd: Wear Christmas colors: red, green and white. Midterms are handed out in 8th period.

Events for December 6th - 10th

Sub-4-Santa Collection – all week
Monday the 6th:
Tuesday the 7th: SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) Testing for all Language Arts (3 days) Snow Blitz (skiing program) Promotion during lunch.  Also coin toss at lunch. 5 p.m. School Community Council in the library.  Any patron is welcomed to attend.
Wednesday the 8th: Wear pink to support Ms. Byerline.  SRI  Testing for all Language Arts. Christmas Karaoke at lunch.    6 p.m. School Play
Thursday the 9th: SRI Testing for all Language Arts. Coin toss at lunch.
Friday the 10th: “I’d Rather Be...”  Dress up day.  Judging of TA rooms and doors.
Events for December 13th - 17th
Sub-4-Santa Collection, SRI make-ups – all week
Monday the 13th: “Bubble Trouble” at lunch (students can stand in a huge bubble)
Tuesday the 14th: Coin toss at lunch. 

6 p.m. Choir & Orchestra Concert and 7 p.m. Band Concert
Wednesday the 15th: Christmas Karaoke at lunch.
Thursday the 16th: 10 a.m. ZAP (Zeros Aren’t Permitted) activity. (A new OHMS tradition). Coin toss at lunch. Last day for Sub-4-Santa collection in TA.
Friday the 17th: Christmas dress-up day: Christmas hats, socks and other Christmas clothes.

Events for December 20th-31st
Monday the 20th: Stump the Teacher Assembly.  Coin toss at lunch.
Tuesday the 21st: Teacher Shadow Day
Wednesday the 22nd: Sub-4-Santa Celebration Assembly for qualifying TA classes only.  A Christmas Dance (if the students raise over $12,000)
Thursday the 23rd begins Winter Recess
**Saturday the 25th   Merry Christmas!**
School resumes Monday January 3rd