Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meeting Minutes 1-3-13

Please accept the apologies of the PTSA blogger for being a little over a month behind. If anyone is interested in filling this position, this year and/or next year, the commitment is minimal and training is available at your convenience. Please contact ohmsptsa@gmail.com for more information.

OHMS PTSA Meeting – January 3, 2013
Attending: Kellene Adams, Jill Nebeker, Marvelle Morgan, Principal Glenn, Lisa Zupanic, Stephanie Hansen, Shannon Smith, Karla Hendricks, Patty Hales, Tiffany, Suzi Ruggles, Ms. VanDerLough, Raelynn McCleary
Thought: Success is falling 7 times but getting up 8 times
Minutes: Jill read minutes, Mavelle moved to accept and Stephanie seconded, all approved.
Treasurer: We are at about $3000 left in the budget but still need to get a check from the front office for yearbooks.
Reflections: Lots of problems in the process the PTA is looking into revamping the process to improve.
Eagle of the Quarter: On January 14th, 15th and 16th (8, 9, 7)
Bring Your Parents to School Day: Parents want more notice, Kellene will let Ms. Edwards know to put in announcements. March 8th is the planned day but is only one week after Parent Teacher Conf. so we may want to delay a little bit. We will change to March 22nd. Parent Teacher Conference is 27th and 28th of February.
PTSA Report: Blue Ribbon Week – Feb 4 – 8th, White Ribbon Week – March 11-15th. The kids would like to have another dance, Mr. Glen will consider. Jodi and Ms. VonDerLough will need to go together in regards to White Ribbon Week.
Sucker for Valentines? Last year’s tasted awful so let’s look into other options and sell at cost.
Awards: Ms. Denney will be selected for the teacher, we need a volunteer and an administrator.
Financial Gift to School: We will help put some furniture in the library. Mr. Glen and the librarian will choose the furniture, we will donate $1500.
Legislature Day: Feb. 20th (Wed.) is the PTA day but we would prefer to do another day. We will aim for the beginning of March, Sharron will talk with governor’s office and find a day we can take the students on a tour.
Harmons Day: February 7th, we were selected to be at the District. We need to have volunteers from 11am – 7pm (three every 2 hours). The bagging competition is around 6pm but can be changed. Patty will get volunteers and coordinate with Raelynn. If we get the most Box Tops collected, we get an extra $50 donated. We would divide between our elementary feeder schools. Need to decorate our checkout line next week, the theme is “Move It Move It”. Raelynn and Amanda will coordinate with students to decorate.
Principal Report: $19,500 was what was raised for the Sub for Santa.
May 6th and 7th will be the High School Online Registration days.
February 7th is the 6th Grade Orientation here.
Next meeting on Thursday, February 7th at 11:30am