Monday, October 23, 2017

October 2017 OHMS PTSA Meeting Minutes

OHMS PTSA – Meeting Minutes
October 5, 2017

Called to order: Shannon Smith
Meeting commenced at: 12:39
Pledge/Thought:  Shannon proposed that we say the “Pledge of Allegiance” at our meetings. It was seconded and affirmed by a vote.
Attendance: Beth Kunz, Stephanie Hansen, Maxine Conrad, Tressa Spigarelli, Emily Stout, Shannon Smith, Brittany Maxfield, Noel Hinton, Steve Cherry, Denise Heninger, and Andrea Hogan. Jill Smith and Mike Glenn excused.

President's Report – Shannon Smith
·         Council Meeting—discussed lower membership numbers in recent years both in Utah and nationwide. Shannon raised the question of how little money stays at the school level. Others explained that higher level PTA members negotiate for Trustland funds. Without greater membership and funding, we could lose positions at the state level.
·         September minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report and Budget - Stephanie Hansen
·         Current balance is $16265.54, and we have 187 members of PTSA at OHMS.

PTSA – Ms. Hogan
·         Had 25 Seventh graders apply to be on the PTSA leadership team.
·         Has some new Eighth and Ninth graders this year.
·         Working on a sweatshirt design for the PTSA students.
·         Prison prints shirts at cost. Contact at 801-576-7738 or uciclothing @utah,gov. Go to to get order number for the desired style.

Reflections – Noel
·         Due date is Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017. She used PTSA students to help put up posters around the school. She had vinyl banners to put up on the fences. The projects will be displayed in the Media Center, nad there will be an awards breakfast in November. She will pass out treats on Monday to make the students aware of the Reflections due date, and Steve will send out a Skylert. (Later that deadline was extended through Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017 at 3:00 PM. All students were sent a Skylert to make them aware of the change.)

PTC Dinners – Oct 11 & 12 – Denise/Brittany
·         Wednesday is Soup, Salad, Bread and Pumpkin Desserts
·         Thursday is a Taco Bar—will have vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

Book Fair – Tressa
·         Feels that she has enough help to set-up and run the Book Fair this year.

Eagle of the Quarter – Emily
·         Everything on track for the 16th, 17th, and 18th. PTSA students will help with this.

Principal’s Report – Mr. Glenn (excused)

Counseling Center – Mr. Cherry
·         Reality Town—needs 50 volunteers. A lunch students will go first, and B lunch students will go second.

·         Vision Screening 10/24/17—needs 10 volunteers.
·         PTSA Flyer to hand out at Parent/Teacher Conferences

New Business:
·         Blue Ribbon Week feedback was positive.
·         Red Ribbon Week on track will get 1200 donuts from Peterson’s for 11/6/17.
·         Memory Book—students working on choosing a cover.
·         Ideas to boost PTSA membership: Airborne, Fast Pass for lunch, Arctic Circle coupons, and student drawings. For faculty—3 pairs of airline tickets for a total of 6 tickets (Jill Smith).

Next Meeting – Thursday, November 2nd  at 12:30 pm (first Thursday of each month)

Meeting adjourned: 1:47