Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December PTSA Meeting Minutes

OHMS PTSA -- Agenda
December 1, 2016

Called to order:  Brittany
Meeting commenced at:  9:05 am
Attendance: Mrs. Stirland, Brittany, Emily, Beth, Noel, Denise, Shannon, Jill, Stephanie, Tressa, Mr. Cherry, Mr Glenn

1.  Approval of minutes – Approved by Denise and 2nd by Shannon

2.  Treasurer's report – We put our first deposit for the year book $16,785.00

3.  PTSA report – PTSA students got their jackets. They are selling Cotton Candy during OquirrhRush, helping with caroling, and helping SBO’s collect money.

4.  Principal's Report – Mr Glenn
·         Honor Flight – recipient came to meet student.
·         OquirrhRush Fundraiser this year is for Millie’s Princess Foundation – a cancer research foundation that will help 7 families in Riverton HS boundaries.
·         Talked about doing a “Service-athon” next year and include the surrounding elementary schools.

5.  Mini meeting – much was accomplished during this mini-meeting!

6. President’s Report
·  Blue Ribbon Week - Cookies were not that good.  Next time do donuts with blue frosting on them.
·  Eagle of the Quarter January 24-26
·  Book Fair 2/13-17 – We will be using the PTSA kids to help out
·  Awards
·  Art Grant – There is a $500 art grant on the website. Have the Art teachers check this out.
·  Nominating Committee – Noel, Tressa, Denise, Beth
·  Next year’s board:  Pres – Shannon, Stephanie – Treasurer, Jill - Secretary
·  Bring your parent to school day – March ??
·  Emergency Kits – We need one in each classroom with food & water for 24 hour needs
·  Oquirrh Shirts and hats – Logo was sent to see about making t-shirts and hats
·  JetBlue Ticket winner – Brenda Petersen

7. Counseling Center
·  Utah Scholar Training 12/15 @ 1:00 – Presentations are Jan 5th
·  Reality Town – Big thanks to the parents!!
·  Career Day – March 8th for 8th & 9th grade / 7th grade Job Shadow Day (need 40 parents)
·  SAGE results – OHMS dropped, whole district dropped in Language Arts. 10% opted out of Sage last year.
·  SAGE = CRT – Need to measure the teachers effectiveness.  It’s OK for some kids to opt out, but only for necessary reasons. Teachers work to prepare for the SAGE, Kids need to take the test more seriously. It can be used as a good measurement of how the schools are doing.
·  Talk with Jen Atwood (School Board Member) – We need to educate the parents on SAGE – District needs to back and support SAGE

8. Mini meeting

9. Legislative
·  There are over 150 bills open in the legislature dealing with education
·  PTA Day at the Capitol 2/22 – Planning on taking PTSA kids, get Suburbans to take kids, try to meet Lt Governor and go to the Governor’s Mansion

10. New Business – Thank you gift from Brittany

Note: There will be no PTA Meeting in January

Next Meeting – Thursday, February 2nd    

Volunteer Hours needed for President’s report… Please email your hours to Jill Smith at