Thursday, March 31, 2011

Superintendent Search

As you are all aware, the Jordan School District has been conducting a search for a new superintendent. The school board has been holding meetings obtaining constituent input as to what people are looking for in a superintendent. The superintendent search committee has now narrowed the search to 3 candidates and is seeking further public input.

The three finalists are (listed in alphabetical order):

Dr. Greg Hudnall - Currently Associate Superintendent of Provo School District

Dr. Patrice Johnson - Currently Associate Superintendent of Clark County School District

Dr. Sam Ray - Currently principal of Provo High School

The Superintendent Search Committee, made up of the seven board members and nine representatives of various stakeholders, have carefully reviewed all 23 applications from a wide range of qualified candidates representing differing backgrounds and conducted a 45 minute interview with six of the candidates. From this extensive process they have selected the above three as the finalists. All three are exceptional individuals.

They now want the community to meet these candidates and provide your input. The date of the Meet the Candidate Open House has been changed to:

Superintendent Finalists Open House
Jordan School District Office on Redwood Rd.
Thursday, April, 14, 2011
Held from 6:00 - 8:00. From 7:00 until 7:45 each candidate will present a 15 minute presentation.

They will have input papers for everyone to provide feedback for the committee to review. Your input is very important.

Please help us spread the invitation for the Open House. This is our community and the individual who will lead our school district. This superintendent will affect all of us and our children. Please try to attend.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WRAP (White Ribbon Against Pornography)

What is White Ribbon Week and why are we holding it?
White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) week is designed to help educate students and parents about the dangers of pornography.    The week includes an opportunity for each student to pledge to NOT view pornography.
Some facts about pornography:
*The average age of first exposure to Internet pornography is just 11 years of age.
*Children 12-17 are now the single largest group of consumers of Internet pornography.
*41% of all children over 10 with Internet access “surf” for pornography.
*90% of children over the age of 11 have been exposed to Internet pornography.
*There are 1 million sexual predators and pedophiles that use the Internet to target children.
*One out of every 5 kids over the age of 10 with Internet access has received a sexual solicitation from someone on the web.
*Sometimes a single exposure to pornography causes addiction;  sometimes it may take a few weeks.
*Giving porn to a teenage boy is like giving crack to a baby – addiction is guaranteed.
*Most sexual and pornographic addictions begin in middle childhood or early adolescence and most of the time without the parents’ awareness or the children themselves having a sufficient understanding of the risks involved.

The PTA will be holding WRAP week April 14-20 (Thurs – Weds).  There will be various activities throughout the week such as crazy sock day (sock it to pornography),  “trash” pornography day, and handing out Airheads candy with the slogan “don’t be an airhead, stay away from porn”.  On the final day, there will be a large poster for the students to sign as a pledge to avoid pornography. 

The PTA will be working closely with administration, school counselors, and government officials to help ensure that both parents and students receive the information regarding pornography that will be helpful to them in making wise choices.  Hopefully, this will open some dialogue at home between parents and their children regarding pornography.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A big congratulations goes out to Mr. Mike Anderson and Ms. Kelsey Jones!  They are both award winners at the PTA Region 6 level.

Mr. Anderson is the Region 6 recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Administrator based on his accessibility, commitment to improving technology, and rapport with students.  We are truly lucky to have such a fine principal at our school! 

Ms. Jones is the Region 6 co-recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Educator.  Ms. Jones is a 7th grade Language Arts teacher who also founded and runs the school newspaper.   Her students love her and enjoy learning in her classroom.


To help OHMS earn more money for the school, please drop off your used print cartridges to the main office.  These can be recycled and it is a simple way for the school to generate a bit more income.  So, clean out your office and aid your school at the same time!

Harmon's Day

Each year Harmon's sponsors a PTA Day.  They invite schools to participate and then share their profits from that day with the schools.  This year we were invited to participate by the Harmon's at The District.  Each invited school decorates a checkstand, provides volunteers to help bag groceries, and provides volunteers to work the booths.  Harmon's provides lots of fun booths like face painting, fish ponds, cookie decorating, etc. 

Harmon's also holds a bagging contest among the principals of the various schools and our own Mr. Mike Anderson won!  Yep, he's a fast bagger but we're glad he's keeping his day job.

We earned $749 through this partnership with Harmon's so next time you're in Harmon's tell them thank you!