Friday, December 12, 2014

OHMS PTA Meeting - December 4, 2014

OHMS PTA Meeting
December 4, 2014

Members Present:
Mr. Glenn, Natalie Bartholomew, Lauren Woodcock, Beth Kunz, Amy Skinner, Janice Carlsen, Emily Stout, Karla Hendricks, Brittany Maxfield, Jill Nebeker, Angie Chapman, Cherish Curtis

Conducted By: Beth Kunz

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Skinner

PTSA report: Lauren Woodcock
Sweatpants-still not ordered. Company is frustrating to work with.

Principal’s Report: Mr. Glenn
* Explanation of OquirrhFest
* Discussion of the Assemblies to fill time during the 90 minutes TA days in January
* Green light has been given for the remodel this summer

Discussion Items:
* October Minutes approved by Karla, seconded by Jill
* Bring your parents to school day-November 21. 150 parents in attendance.
* Legislative Day. Legislative session begins Jan 26. Karla to contact Shannon Smith to set up appointment to meet with Lt. Gov. Karla will oversee the day. Lauren will reserve the bus and get the permission slips taken care of
* Reflections report. Low response however good quality. Request made to keep budge the same in hopes for higher participation next year. More and better advertising for next year, including notifying the kids of prizes.
* Teacher Appreciation-May 4-8, budget is $1000. Lunch can be done W-F. Contact for free massages through Stephanie. Contact through Brittany for Texas Roadhouse for meal.
* Eagle of the Quarter Dates-Jan 20-7th, 21-8th, 22-9th

Counseling Center Items:
* Natalie to book Net Smartz for November 2015 (1st or 2nd week of second quarter)
* White ribbon week-Sept
* Blue Ribbon Week-Nov
* Red Ribbon Week-Feb

Meeting Adjourned: 12:15 pm

Next Meeting-Thursday, Jan 8, 11:00 am