Thursday, October 16, 2014

OHMS PTA Meeting
October 2, 2014

Members Present:
Mr. Glenn, Natalie Bartholomew, Lauren Woodcock, Beth Kunz, Angie Chapman, Amy Skinner, Cherish Curtis, Lisa Zupancic, Jill Nebeker, Janice Carlsen, Stephanie Hansen, Emily Stout and Brittany Maxfield

Conducted By: Beth Kunz

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Skinner

PTSA report: Lauren Woodcock
There were 15 interviews for PTSA officers.
Vote was for sweatpants.

Principal’s Report: Mr. Glenn
OHMS mission statement has been redone for this school year.
Reminder of the parent survey for accreditation.
STEM grant-awarded to Joel P. Jensen, West Jordan and OHMS.  Application process.  Total of 60 kids.  Transportation will be provided to the local elementary school.  M, W or T, Th.  Classes include robotics and coding.  Four teachers will be chosen to oversee program.

Discussion Items:
* Bylaws-Motion set by Lisa.  2nd by Jill  Bylaws approved by all in attendance.  
* Reflections-Due Date-Wed, October 15.  Turn in at front office in box.
* PTC-October 1-2.  Wed dinner received good feedback.  Meal done by Sizzler.  Brittany to oversee Thursday dinner.  Soups and bread.
* Book Fair-September 29-October 2  All is going well.  Count tonight at 7:30-Janice, Amy and Beth
* White and Blue Ribbon Week-(Internet safety and bullying) Darla Thomas to oversee. PTSA to do posters.   Internet safety class will be taught on October 14. 
* Eagle of the Quarter-Different assembly this year.  Picture of student shown while the bio of student is being read.  Student will then be invited to front.  
* Vision Screening-ten volunteers already signed up.  7th graders and about 10 extra students signed up.
* Donation available-through your local Zion’s bank for $1000.  School needs to make request, it can’t come from the PTA.  Also, Comcast cares is available on the middle school level.

Counseling Center Items:
* Reality Town- Skyalert to go out to collect needed volunteers.  
* Career Day-March 10, about 1 ½ hours.  More volunteers will be needed this year, to help with coordinating and crowd control.
* Utah Scholars-Training is November 11 at 1:00 pm.  The training will last a couple of hours.
January 7-8 will be the teaching sessions.  10 total volunteers needed.  Approximately 45 minutes classes, taught in 6 periods on the 7th and 5 periods on the 8th.  Volunteers-Cherish, Amy, Stephanie, Beth, Janice, Angie and Shelly Smith(?)