Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April PTSA Meeting

OHMS PTSA Meeting – April 4, 2013

Attending: Kellene Adams, Jill Nebeker, Principal Glenn, Stephanie Hansen, Karla Hendricks, Lisa Zupanic, Cherish Curtis, Patty Hales, Tiffany Parks, Ms. VonDerLough
Welcome: Kellene, welcome to Spring
Minutes: Stephanie – move to accept, Patty seconded, all approved.
New Board for Next Year: We will post the board this week and approve it next meeting.
Legislature Update: Kellene read an email from Shannon, she will forward to us, it tells us what passed and what to encourage the governor to veto.
White Ribbon Week: Went well, Mr. Glenn got positive feedback.
Yearbook: Lisa is meeting with PTSA students and putting last touches on the yearbook. Put in happenings that if a student wants one the money has to be turned in this month – Kellene will do.
Eagle of the Quarter: April 21, 22, 23 are the scheduled dates.
Teacher Appreciation: May 6 – 10. Patty Hales will head up and Lisa and Jill will assist. Kellene and Tiffany will do a gift bag for one of the days. The budget is $1000 for the week.
Spirit Week: April 15 – 19th. The food drive will start next week on April 8 – 12th. The students will receive an arcarde ticket if they bring a can of food and during lunch they can play games that the PTSA will run. The top three classes will win donuts. Ms. VonDerLough will need to coordinate with Food Bank to get boxes and drop off and pick up.
Field Day: May 31st is the day, the PTSA students run the dunk tank. Ms. VonDerLough will need to order the dunk tank and make sure it is manned. Kellene needs to order popsicles. Need some supervision from teachers, Mr. Glenn will coordinate getting the teachers to help.
Principal Report: Parent Teacher Conference went great and the food was appreciated.
Bring Your Parent to School Day – went well and was appreciated.
School Gift: Still planning on it but the furniture has not been selected yet. Mr. Glenn will take care of it within next two weeks.
Treasurer: Need all receipts by June 5th. We have about $2000 worth of money from Scholastic, the media will get some, the teachers could use books for their classes, and we could give gift certificates for teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week gifts.
Next Meeting: Meet at Schmidt’s at 11:30, May 2nd. Kellene will send out a reminder and reserve the room with Schmidt’s. Lunch is provided by the PTA.