Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meeting Minutes 11/1/12

Attending: Kellene Adams, Jill Nebeker, Marvelle Morgan, Principal Glenn, Karla Hendricks, Amy Jessen, Stephanie Hansen, Lisa Zupanic, Mr. Cherry

Thought: Kellene – Enjoy the ride

Minutes: Marvelle moved to accept, Amy seconded, all approved

President’s Concerns:

We need to send the minutes to council, Jill will send email as normal and Kellene will forward to council.

Reality Town – Very successful, all positive feedback. There were enough volunteers.

Reflections – We had 63 entries, up from last year. The display case is open to show the items, but most of the items were writing so we may do a picture of the students once the awards are given. Amy will make a decision. We would like to encourage more art to be submitted next year.

Eagle of the Quarter – Next week it will be on Monday(7th), Wednesday(9th), Thursday(8th). Stephanie is ready for it.

T-shirts – PTA doesn’t have budget so Mr. Glenn will keep working to see if the school can sell shirts.

Bring Parents to School Day – Need to get parents information and let Vicky know how many will want lunch so she can order for the lunchroom. Kellene will do the sign in sheet, Ms. VanDerLough will have 2 students man table for each period. Mr. Glenn will get a table by the front door and maps.

Facebook – There already exists a page for OHMS so we will try to contact the owner to see if we can take over the page or they will release the name.

PTSA Students – Amy wanted to know if we could open up the PTSA group so that other students could help if they wanted. We will look into finding a way to allow other students to come to Ms. Vanderlough’s classroom during TA to help with big projects.

Ms. Vanderlough’s students would like to do an assembly on anti-bullying, but there is no time in the schedule until after the holidays. Over the next two weeks they will set up their schedule and order the hoodies.

Do we want to combine Blue Ribbon & White Ribbon Week – we decided to keep separate.

Maybe do Blue Ribbon Week toward the end of January .

PTSA students did a run through of Eagle of the Quarter. They need to plan on 3 rd period to come help Stephanie next week.

White Ribbon Week – Will be week of March 11 – 13. We need to decide what we are planning on doing (who we are asking to do assembly) so we can schedule the people and make sure they can come on the week we have planned. Kellene will follow up with Jodi.

Principal Report – School Community Council recommended looking into having more parent volunteers in classrooms. Mr. Cherry sent out a survey to teachers asking if they would like help from parents & currently it is about 60% in favor and 40% not but still waiting for more response only about 30+ responses so far. Studies show the more parents are involved the more successful students are.

OHMS – We are in the 93rd percentile in the State academically. This is a great achievement.

Next meeting on Thursday, December 6th at 11:30am