Friday, April 21, 2017

April OHMS PTSA Minutes

OHMS PTSA - Minutes
April 6, 2017

Called to order: Brittany
Meeting commenced at: 1:15 pm
Attendance: Stephanie Hansen, Brittany Maxfield, Jill Smith, Shannon Smith, Tressa Spigarelli, Emily Stout, Carly Stirland, Mike Glenn

1.  Approval of minutes – Motioned – Stephanie, 2nd Shannon

2.  Treasurer's report – Stephanie reported we have $19,083.53 – We had a $2,000 expense for the Fight the New Drug Assemblies and approx. $200 for reimbursement for the Trip to the Capitol with the PTSA students.

3.  PTSA report – Food Drive the week of April 24th … May 1st start getting new PTSA students

4.  Principal's Report – The Governor was here and the Eagle of the Quarter went great!

5. Counseling Center – Mr. Cherry was at a conference but they have the needs assessment online.

6. President’s Report
v  Final Reimbursements & AFR Help – Need 3 people to help close the books after June 30th. Stephanie, Brittany and Jill will help another school and they will do ours.

v  Next Year’s Advisor – Mrs Stirland!!!  We are so happy to have her back!

v  Memory Book Distribution – It’s Happening!! Tuesday, May 30th - Amy & Beth are both working on it.

v  White Ribbon Week & Fight the New Drug Recap – We had one parent upset but about five kids that came up afterwards and wanted help. It was totally worth it if we can help a few kids! ** Suggestion to have the parent night the night before so parents know what will be discussed. We will have a link in the newsletter with the Fight the New Drug Video. The 7th & 8th grade presentations were a little different than the 9th graders. A few of the reasons that we do this at school are:  1. To get the information out there     2. Give the kids a resource to go to if needed

v  Eagle of the Quarter – Next one will be May 17, 17, 22

v  Teacher Appreciation Week –
1.       Mon, May 1st - PTA Hand Sanitizer – Pink Yink Drink
2.       Tues, May 2nd - Hop on Pop with popcorn bar and Rootbeer Floats
3.       Wed, May 3rd – Red Fish/Blue Fish – Pizza lunch – Papa Murphys
4.       Thurs, May 4th – Star Wars, Princess Leah – Cinnamon Rolls (7:30 am)
5.       Fri, May 5th – Dessert Bar

v  Field Day – Friday May 26th – snow cones, popcorn, kickball, Frisbee, dunk tank, softball, foam party (Herriman Fire Dept) B-ball in gym, Talent assembly

v  Bylaws Expire 10/1/2017 – Post for 30-90 days

v  Last week of school:
1.       Mon – Memorial Day
2.       Tues – Memory Book Handout – May 30th  (call kids down by grade)
3.       Wed – Awards Assembly 7, 8, 9th
4.       Thurs – Lagoon Day
5.       Fri – Last Day of School
7. Upcoming Activities

8. New Business – Gift for school from PTSA – options First Aid Bucket with water bottles and granola bars and Ice machine for Teachers lounge

Next Meeting – Thursday, May 11th - 1:00 pm – Final PTSA Luncheon

Volunteer Hours needed for President’s report… Please email your hours to Jill Smith at

Monday, March 20, 2017

April OHMS PTSA Meeting

Our next OHMS PTSA meeting will be on Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 1:00 pm. We will meet in the conference room adjacent to the office. Please note the later time!!!

March PTSA Meeting Minutes

OHMS PTSA - Minutes
March 2, 2017

Called to order: Brittany Maxfield
Meeting commenced at: 9:08 am
Attendance: Brittany Maxfield, Mike Glenn, Stephanie Hansen, Denise Heninger, Tressa Spigarelli, Shannon Smith, Larissa Call, Noel Hinton, Emily Stout, Tracie Garrard, Jill Smith

1.  Approval of minutes:  Stephanie approved, Mr Glenn – 2nd them

2.  Treasurer's report:  Wells Fargo bank account is officially closed. Mt America account is now open. $19,865.12 is our balance. All lost checks are taken care of. Stephanie will need invoice to pay for the Fight the New Drug Assembly.

3.  PTSA report – Mrs Stirland not able to attend.

4.  Principal's Report – Musical “Little Mermaid” starts tonight, charge is $3.00 – all money is used for new equipment. You can go to to purchase tickets online.
·         Our numbers are down a little from last year… 1080 this year vs 1108 last year
·         Fewer Parents are coming to Parent/Teacher Conferences in the Spring.

5. President’s Report
·  Book Fair recap – We sold $1,900 this year which is less than most years. It needs to be at least $2,000. What can we do to increase sales? Offer coupons to teachers? We did a raffle this year for free books. Since fewer parents are coming to Parent/Teacher Conferences, fewer parents purchase books. We can discuss later if we want to only do one book fair each year.
·  PTC Dinner recap - Dinner was good! Teachers appreciated it! Thanks for all the hard work that went into getting all the food and setting up and cleaning up!
·  White Ribbon Week – Larissa is coordinating this week. She has planned to get white flags for kids to sign and put in the front of the school in the grass.  $13.68/per 100 flags – she is getting 500 flags. Have the PTSA and SBO kids put the flags out. Something is planned for each day.  Tentative schedule:
Monday – White Flags for kids to sign and put in grass
Tuesday – Assembly – Wear white – Whiteout and give out white lifesavers at lunch
Wednesday – Lunch Activity
Thursday – Texting Activity – “Don’t pass it on”
Friday – Donuts at lunch
#OHMSfighthenewdrug – use social media to advertise and promote Fight the new Drug
·  Fight the New Drug – Assembly will be on Tues, March 14th for kids and Parent Meeting that night at 7:00 pm at Oquirrh Hills Middle School.  Send Skylert to all parents in area schools to invite to Parent assembly. Brittany will contact local churches, Jill will contact Fight the New Drug and see if they have any promotional posters we can use. Counseling Center will get fliers up, everyone asked to let their local church leaders know about the parent assembly.  Concerns were discussed about having the parent meeting after the kids’ assembly. We will see if parents have any feedback this year.
·  Oquirrh beanies – do this next year
·  Memory Book
·  Eagle of the Quarter--extra help for May was discussed
·  PTA membership drive--give away the remaining vending bucks, airborne and arctic circle gift cards. – We will save these items for next year

·  Elections – Voted on PTSA Board for 2017-18 Mr Glenn motioned and Noel – 2nd  All in favor, no one opposed
President – Shannon Smith
President Elect –
Legislative VP - Rebecca VanSkyHawk
Treasurer – Stephanie Hansen
Secretary – Jill Smith
Volunteer Coordinator – Denise Heninger
Membership –
Red Ribbon – Beth Kunz
Blue Ribbon –
White Ribbon –
Reflections – Noel Hinton
Teacher Appreciation /B-days – Brittany Maxfield / Denise Heninger
Bookfair Chair – Tressa Spigarelli
Webpage Coordinator – Denise Heninger
Eagle of the Quarter – Emily Stout
Memory Book Co-Chairs – Amy Powell / Beth Kunz
Parent/Tchr Conf Dinners – Brittany Maxfield
·  Positions needed to be filled – Need Pres Elect, Membership, Blue Ribbon/White Ribbon
·  Meeting time change – Discussed changing the meeting time to 1:00 so Mrs Stirland can attend. This time works for most everyone. 
6. Counseling Center – Mr Cherry was not in attendance

7. Memory Book –

8. Teacher Appreciation Week – 1st week in May – Dr Seuss Theme

9. Legislative – Report on Day at the Capitol – Report by Shannon Smith – PTSA Students met with Mike Anderson, and superintendent – Patrice Johnson. They watched the Senate and the House. They had lunch in the cafeteria. They met with the Lt Governor at the Governor’s mansion at 1:00.  They had a great time. Mr Glenn and Shannon will get receipts for expenses.  Approximately $50 for 2 Suburbans and $? for Lunch

BILLS:  There are 3 bills that we should be aware of:
1.       HB401 – trying to get $$ back for funding
2.       HB243 and HB 220 – Sage Testing
3.       SB234 – School turn around – making schools more effective

10. Upcoming Activities

11. New Business – Brittany asked Mr Glenn to start thinking about what the PTSA can give them as a school gift. The PTSA will have about $1,000 to $2,000 to give the school.  Ice machine ??
·         Add Budget Adjustment for next year to next month’s Agenda.

12. Eagle of the Quarter

13. Field Day – Coming up May 26th

Next Meeting – Thursday, April 6th - 1:00 pm

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March PTA Meeting

Thursday, February 2, 2017

OHMS PTSA Nomination Notice

NOTICE:       Nominations for 2017-2018 OHMS PTSA Board

PTA BOARD                                                                2017-2018

PRESIDENT                                                                SHANNON SMITH

PRESIDENT ELECT                                                                                                                            

LEGISLATIVE VP                                                      REBECCA VANSKYHAWK                                              

TREASURER                                                               STEPHANIE HANSEN

SECRETARY                                                                JILL SMITH

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR                                   DENISE HENINGER                                       


RED RIBBON                                                                  BETH KUNZ

BLUE RIBBON                                                                    

WHITE RIBBON                                                                                                                 

REFLECTIONS COORDINATOR                                  NOELLE HINTON

TEACHER APPRECIATION                                           BRITTANY MAXFIELD
                                                                                           DENISE HENINGER

BOOKFAIR CHAIR                                                         TRESSA SPIGARELLI

WEBPAGE COORDINATOR                                          DENISE HENINGER

EAGLE OF THE QUARTER                                           EMILY STOUT

MEMORY BOOK CO-CHAIRS                                  AMY POWELL
                                                                                          BETH KUNZ

TEACHER BIRTHDAYS                                                     
CONFERENCE DINNERS                                              BRITTANY MAXFIELD
                                                                                           DENISE HENINGER

HARMON’S DAY               

Questions? Contact Denise @

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December PTSA Meeting Minutes

OHMS PTSA -- Agenda
December 1, 2016

Called to order:  Brittany
Meeting commenced at:  9:05 am
Attendance: Mrs. Stirland, Brittany, Emily, Beth, Noel, Denise, Shannon, Jill, Stephanie, Tressa, Mr. Cherry, Mr Glenn

1.  Approval of minutes – Approved by Denise and 2nd by Shannon

2.  Treasurer's report – We put our first deposit for the year book $16,785.00

3.  PTSA report – PTSA students got their jackets. They are selling Cotton Candy during OquirrhRush, helping with caroling, and helping SBO’s collect money.

4.  Principal's Report – Mr Glenn
·         Honor Flight – recipient came to meet student.
·         OquirrhRush Fundraiser this year is for Millie’s Princess Foundation – a cancer research foundation that will help 7 families in Riverton HS boundaries.
·         Talked about doing a “Service-athon” next year and include the surrounding elementary schools.

5.  Mini meeting – much was accomplished during this mini-meeting!

6. President’s Report
·  Blue Ribbon Week - Cookies were not that good.  Next time do donuts with blue frosting on them.
·  Eagle of the Quarter January 24-26
·  Book Fair 2/13-17 – We will be using the PTSA kids to help out
·  Awards
·  Art Grant – There is a $500 art grant on the website. Have the Art teachers check this out.
·  Nominating Committee – Noel, Tressa, Denise, Beth
·  Next year’s board:  Pres – Shannon, Stephanie – Treasurer, Jill - Secretary
·  Bring your parent to school day – March ??
·  Emergency Kits – We need one in each classroom with food & water for 24 hour needs
·  Oquirrh Shirts and hats – Logo was sent to see about making t-shirts and hats
·  JetBlue Ticket winner – Brenda Petersen

7. Counseling Center
·  Utah Scholar Training 12/15 @ 1:00 – Presentations are Jan 5th
·  Reality Town – Big thanks to the parents!!
·  Career Day – March 8th for 8th & 9th grade / 7th grade Job Shadow Day (need 40 parents)
·  SAGE results – OHMS dropped, whole district dropped in Language Arts. 10% opted out of Sage last year.
·  SAGE = CRT – Need to measure the teachers effectiveness.  It’s OK for some kids to opt out, but only for necessary reasons. Teachers work to prepare for the SAGE, Kids need to take the test more seriously. It can be used as a good measurement of how the schools are doing.
·  Talk with Jen Atwood (School Board Member) – We need to educate the parents on SAGE – District needs to back and support SAGE

8. Mini meeting

9. Legislative
·  There are over 150 bills open in the legislature dealing with education
·  PTA Day at the Capitol 2/22 – Planning on taking PTSA kids, get Suburbans to take kids, try to meet Lt Governor and go to the Governor’s Mansion

10. New Business – Thank you gift from Brittany

Note: There will be no PTA Meeting in January

Next Meeting – Thursday, February 2nd    

Volunteer Hours needed for President’s report… Please email your hours to Jill Smith at

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November PTSA Meeting Minutes