Wednesday, November 12, 2014

OHMS PTA Meeting
November 6, 2014

Members Present:
Mr. Glenn, Steve Cherry, Lauren Woodcock, Beth Kunz, Amy Skinner, Janice Carlsen, Emily Stout, Marvelle Morgan and Brittany Maxfield

Conducted By: Beth Kunz

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Skinner

PTSA report: Lauren Woodcock
Preparing for rivalry week
Sweatpants to be ordered this week.

Principal’s Report: Mr. Glenn
* Sage test results are in. Reminder this test was put in place to make students more college/career ready than just testing for minimal competency. This test establishes new proficiency levels-below, approaching, proficient, highly.
* Field trips have been staffed well by volunteers.
* Calendaring for 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 look great. Week long spring break planned.
* Still needing 100 parents to complete the parent survey.
* Remodel is still on for this summer. It will include moving the band room and front office, placing sprinklers in the gym, the grease trap and air conditioning!

Discussion Items:
* Book Fair has extra posters from years past which will be used by the language arts teachers
* White and Blue Ribbon Week-went well. Next year it was determined this will not be done on a short week as well as this will not be done in October. It was also decided each week will be done individually. Blue-September (Mr. Glenn has access to a free anti bullying assembly which it a good one. White-November Mr. Cherry and Mr. Glenn to schedule with net Smartz. The first or second week of the second semester. Red-February It was also determined the Anti pornography assembly will be every other year
* Bring your parents to school day-November 21. Advertising will begin shortly for this activity. Beth to write up a skyalert to go out to parents the Monday and Thursday before.

Counseling Center Items:
* Career Day-March 10, about 1 ½ hours. More volunteers will be needed this year, to help with coordinating and crowd control. Mr. Chery will make a volunteer spreadsheet.
* Utah Scholars-Training is December 2 at 12:00 pm. The training will last one hour and a light lunch will be provided.
January 7-8 will be the teaching sessions. 10 total volunteers needed. Approximately 45 minutes We are needing 4 volunteers for for the 7th and 6 volunteers on the 8. These will be split in morning and afternoon sessions.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:20 pm

Next Meeting-Thursday, Dec 4, 11:00 am