Saturday, February 1, 2014

Minutes from January 2014 PTSA Meeting

Here are the minutes from our last Oquirrh Hills Middle School PTSA Meeting. We invite you to join us every month--the first Thursday at 11:30 a.m.

OHMS PTA Meeting

Thurs., Jan. 9, 2014


1.       Welcome

2.      Thought:  In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.  –Albert Einstein

3.      Minutes will be approved next meeting.

4.      Budget:  Reflections spent $470.01 and PTA Board gifts were $34.34.  No income in December.  The ending balance is $16,705.93.

5.      PTSA Report

a.      Valentine’s suckers have been ordered.  We’ll need change (lots of quarters to begin with)

b.      We’re going to help RHS PTA with Operation Valentines for the Soldiers.

c.       Day at the Capitol in February.  Lauren will order a bus.   There will be 15 students.  Susie and Lauren will coordinate a date.

6.      President’s Report

a.      Susie will let us know the next meeting about any legislative issues.

b.      EOQ dates Jan 21-23

c.       Region Reflections Awards Banquet – 4 students moved on to the next level – Erin Jessen, Kylie Hernandez, Natasha Lanni, Cynthia Lang.  The next assembly is January 27th at Bingham.  This is the Council assembly.

d.      Parent Teacher conference March 5 & 6.  Shanna is going to do the dinners.  We will be doing book fair.  Cherish will get the volunteers using Volunteer Spot.  We got all our profits as Scholastic Dollars and donate to the library fund.  Sandy Doehler decides how to spend that money.  The counseling center is doing some Financial Aid classes.  They’d like us to help get out the word.  We can send it out on Happenings and Skyward.  This PTC will be a student-led conference.

e.      March 11th is career day for 8th and 9th graders.  7th is doing a job shadow day so they will be out of the building.    Letters are going out so parents can sign up if they are interested in being a presenter.  The work-base learning coordinators at RHS are also helping.

f.        We have a $1500 budget for the school gift.

g.      Bring Your Parents to School Day – Feb. 21st or 28th.

h.      Harmon’s Day – we need to decorate the checkstand next week.  The theme is “Olympics – Reach for the Top.”  It is 3-8 pm.   We need 3 each shift.  It is Feb. 6th.  We need to advertise for this!!!!     Bagging competition is at 5:30 pm. 

i.        Board positions for next year – Amy will do treasurer again.  Stephanie will do EOQ again.  Amy Jessen will not have a middle schooler.  Susie will do something.   Janice will do book fair again.  Lisa will do yearbook and Beth will help her.  Marvelle and Jill will do teacher appreciation and Cherish will do something. 

j.        Feb. 6th – Parent’s Night  for the incoming 7th graders

7.      Principal’s Report – fire drill on next Thursday.    SNAP (School Neighborhood Access Plan)  deals with safe walking routes.   Cherish or Beth will sign off on the plan.

8.      White Ribbon Week – we need to make changes.  Jill will contact “Fight the New Drug” and South Hills and get back to us.