Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dear Oquirrh Hills Parents,

I can’t believe how fast the time is going this year; we’re already done with one quarter and a couple of weeks into a new one!

I wanted to give you a quick PTSA update—we’ve been involved in several things so far this year.

·         We welcomed teachers back with a lunch, helped students feel welcome the first week of school, organized volunteers for several different activities, and provided dinner for teachers during Parent Teacher Conferences.

·         The Book Fair was a great success as well—thanks to the many volunteers who helped us set up, run, and take down the fair. It’s great to see kids looking through books and sharing their love for reading.

·         We just concluded our yearly Reflections—all projects were turned in the end of October. Reflections provides students with a unique opportunity to share their creative talents and skills, and we’re proud to be part of this inspiring PTA tradition.

·         We’re celebrating our first Eagle of the Quarter winners—it’s a pleasure to work with OHMS students, and we’re looking forward to honoring this year’s first Eagles!

·         We had some great support for Reality Town, a highlight for our 9th graders. This is the event that takes the most volunteers (approximately 50!), and we thank all of you wonderful parents who helped out!

·         Thanks also to the many parents who volunteered to walk with students to Riverton High’s musical, “Hello, Dolly!” as well as those parents who are helping us with vision and hearing screening.

·         Our first Bring Your Parent to School Day was on November 15—a great opportunity for you to come with your student to school and attend any or all classes. As always, parents seemed to enjoy the opportunity to see what their students do every day.

We also invite you to attend our monthly PTSA meeting—it’s held the first Thursday of every month at 11:30 in the board room at the school. Our December meeting will be on December 5.

Thank you all for your support, especially those of you who have joined PTSA (it’s not too late to join either!) and those who volunteer to help out in so many ways.  We couldn’t do this without you!

Cherish Curtis

OHMS PTSA President

Saturday, November 16, 2013

OHMS PTA Meeting
Thursday, November 7, 2013

Attendees:  Janice Carlsen, Susie Ruggles, Stephanie Hanson, Lauren Woodcock, Patty Hales, Lisa Zupancic, Marvelle Morgan, Amy Skinner, Cherish Curtis, Kellene Adams,  Beth Kunz, Carla Hendricks

Thought:  “It’s choices not chance that determines your destination.” 

Reading and Approval of Minutes:   Lisa motioned to approve and Patty seconded.

 Budget:  Amy motioned to approve and Stephanie seconded

Financial Report:   Collected $1,245 in dues and $1320.77 at the book fair.  Spent $589.77 on teacher dinners, $75.07 on supplies, and $1,089 on dues remittance.  Current balance is $14,575.69.   We have not paid for the book fair yet.  Amy would like to buy a change tray for counting change at the book fair.  It costs about $30 at Staples.  The board thought that was a justifiable expense.

President’s Report:  
·         Reflections Report:  We have collected everything.  There was about 50 entries.  They will go to Council tomorrow.
·         Eagle of the Quarter:  It went well.  They had to hold it in the teacher’s lounge so it was a bit crowded but okay.
·         Volunteers:  38 out of 50 for “Hello Dolly” and 7 out of 10 for vision screening.
·         Bring Your Parent to School Day:  November 15th
·         PTA council meeting here November 21 at 11:45 in the Media Center.  PTSA kids to check people in and direct them to the Media Center.
·         White Ribbon Week – March 17-21 (Fight the New Drug)  Budget is $1200.    Combined budget of white and red ribbon weeks are $2000.   Get prices on assemblies and on a parent night and check on availability of doing a parent night.   Possibly invite parents from Riverton High and even from feeder elementary schools.

PTSA Report:
·         Cardigans have been chosen and they are $45 each.  They are ordered but are on backorder so hopefully by the week of Thanksgiving.  The PTSA kids will pay membership fee before picking up the cardigans.
·         Rivalry Week is November 18-22.  PTSA students are painting faces before school and at lunch.

Principal’s Report:
·         Calendar Items:
o       Rivalry Week – Nov. 18th
o       Vision Screening – Nov. 20th
o       NetSmartz Assembly – Nov. 21st
o       Student of the Month – Nov. 25th
o       Oquirrh Feast Kick Off Assembly – Dec. 1st

Next Meeting:  December 5, 2013 @ 11:30

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Upcoming Events You Can Participate In!

Bring Your Parents to School Day
Mark your calendars it will be November 15th!  You can come for 1 hour or the entire day. You choose which works for you.  Come with your student and they will show you the way!

Volunteers Needed
This year we are very excited to announce a new way to coordinate our parent volunteers. We are using Volunteer Spot. This will make it easier for everyone to volunteer. With this we hope to have everyone (dads, moms, grandparents) help out that can! To find all opportunities available now please click on this link: http://vols.pt/KDNH47 

We are so grateful for all the support so far this year!  Thank you!

Any questions email the PTSA President: Cherish Curtis at ohmsptsa@gmail.com

Minutes from September PTA Meeting

September 5, 2013
Attendees: Mike Glenn, Stephanie Hansen, Amy Jessen, Patty Hales, Jill Nebeker, Marvelle Morgan, Lauren Woodcock, Cherish Curtis, Amy Skinner, Beth Kunz, Carla Padilla, Janice Carlsen, Carla Hendricks, Suzie Ruggles
Thought – “It is our choices that show who we truly are more than our abilities.”
J.K. Rowling
Minutes – Amy motioned to approve, Jill seconded
Intro of new board members – Amy Skinner as treasurer and Beth Kunz as pres-elect
Budget – It will be posted and we will vote on it next month
Vote on new board members – Cherish made motion and Amy seconded. All were in favor.
Lunches for teachers – Blimpie sandwiches. 30 teachers joined PTA.
Back to School Night – Stephanie made a suggestion that next year we announce that the memory books are the PTA fundraiser.
Parent Teacher Conferences – Oct 2 and Oct 3 4-8pm on Weds & 4-7:30 on Thurs. Lunch will be at 3 pm.
PTSA Students – looking at cardigans and they want to bedazzle them. Have a skit and costumes for Welcome Week. Flyers for 7th grade interviewers. Doing the information session during TA on the 16th.
Reflections – Amy asked Lauren to tell teachers to encourage their students to participate . The due date is Oct. 28th. Posters will go up in the halls next week.
Book Fair – proceeds will go to Language Arts teachers so they can build their own classroom libraries. Janice proposed that we do Scholastic in the Fall and A+ in the Spring. Stephanie said they did that in the elementary and went back to always doing Scholastic. We have 1160 students. Patty will get the volunteers. Get info to Terry Price and it will get put on the OHMS Happenings.
PTA table at Parent Teacher conferences – hasn’t been very successful in the past. Maybe we will just send out the info in the OHMS Happenings with screen shots.
Bring Your Parents to School Day – Nov 15th. Cherish will send it out in the OHMS Happenings. Let Vickie in the lunchroom know. Have PTSA students manning the front door so the parents can sign in.
Helping Hands for Teachers – hand sanitizer for each teacher to offer volunteer help for teachers. We are requesting that they let us know what they need done and we will find the volunteers to do it.
Principal’s Report – OHMS t-shirts and hoodies
Oct 22nd – vision screening (need volunteers) 8-11:30am
Oct 24th – Reality Town
JATC is the same week
We discussed the school grade. OHMS has a B. Grading only takes into account the testing and does not consider progress made.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes from August PTA Meeting

August 20, 2013
Attendees:  Mike Glenn, Stephanie Hansen, Lisa Zupanic, Carla Handricks, Lauren Woodcock, Cherish Curtis
Mr. Glenn will send a Skylert requesting a need for President Elect and Treasurer needed for PTA.
Cherish introduced herself and the board.
We don’t have treasurer papers and checkbook (she has moved and will be coming home this weekend to hopefully give us all her papers) and the reports haven’t been finalized but it is close.
Cherish needs to be added to check account and Marvelle.
Lisa Zupanic will be serving lunch to teachers tomorrow for first day back.  She will be starting at 12:30 and will need someone to help collect PTA dues from the teachers.  Stephanie can help with counting money.
Back to School Night – Lisa said she would wait for major sign up during Parent Teacher Conference.  Cherish will make an announcement and we be available for questions but we will not worry about pushing for PTA membership.
They will still be doing the happenings every two weeks as a Skylert.
We will do budget by next meeting.  Meetings are 1st Thursday of each month at 11:30.
PTA will be trying to be helping more in the classrooms.  Patty will be coordinating those efforts on an online volunteer database.
Amy Jessop will be doing Reflections again this year. Theme is Believe, Dream,  Inspire.
We will do our “Bring Your Parent to School Day”.  Let’s plan on November 15th.
November 5th, 6th, 7th will be Eagle of the Quarter.
Skylert will be sent for first day of school for 7th graders and first day for the remainder of schools.
We will need someone to do Parent Teacher Conference Dinners.

Next meeting will be Thursday, September, 5th at 11:30am.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Proposed PTSA Budget 2013-2014

Balance Carried Forward:     $14,240.68  

     Membership (600 members)     $3600.00
     Harmon’s Grocery PTA Days Fundraiser     $500.00
     Memory Books Fundraiser     $8000.00
     Total Projected Income:     $12,100

     Student Support
           Eagle of the Quarter     $1,000.00
           Field Day      $1,500.00
           Legislative Day      $1,000.00
           PTSA Student Representative Sweat Shirts $800.00
           Miscellaneous Student Activities (Reality Town, Reflections, etc.)      $500.00
           Student Support Budgeted Expense s:       $4,800.00
           Red Ribbon Week      $800.00
           White Ribbon Week      $1,200.00
           Health/Safety/Welfare Budgeted Expenses:      $2,000.00
           Volunteer Appreciation     $500.00
           Teacher Appreciation     $2,200
           Teacher Birthday Gifts     $800.00
           Parent-Teacher Conference Dinners for Teachers     $1,500.00
           Hospitality Budgeted Expenses:     $5,000.00
           Membership     $100.00
           Leadership Training     $300.00
           National/Utah/Council PTA Dues:     $2625.00
           School Gift:     $1,500.00
           Office Supplies/Copies/Postage     $500.00
           Administrative Budgeted Expenses:     $5,025.00
Total Budgeted Expenses:     <$16,825.00>
Projected Ending Balance:     $9,515,68

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April PTSA Meeting

OHMS PTSA Meeting – April 4, 2013

Attending: Kellene Adams, Jill Nebeker, Principal Glenn, Stephanie Hansen, Karla Hendricks, Lisa Zupanic, Cherish Curtis, Patty Hales, Tiffany Parks, Ms. VonDerLough
Welcome: Kellene, welcome to Spring
Minutes: Stephanie – move to accept, Patty seconded, all approved.
New Board for Next Year: We will post the board this week and approve it next meeting.
Legislature Update: Kellene read an email from Shannon, she will forward to us, it tells us what passed and what to encourage the governor to veto.
White Ribbon Week: Went well, Mr. Glenn got positive feedback.
Yearbook: Lisa is meeting with PTSA students and putting last touches on the yearbook. Put in happenings that if a student wants one the money has to be turned in this month – Kellene will do.
Eagle of the Quarter: April 21, 22, 23 are the scheduled dates.
Teacher Appreciation: May 6 – 10. Patty Hales will head up and Lisa and Jill will assist. Kellene and Tiffany will do a gift bag for one of the days. The budget is $1000 for the week.
Spirit Week: April 15 – 19th. The food drive will start next week on April 8 – 12th. The students will receive an arcarde ticket if they bring a can of food and during lunch they can play games that the PTSA will run. The top three classes will win donuts. Ms. VonDerLough will need to coordinate with Food Bank to get boxes and drop off and pick up.
Field Day: May 31st is the day, the PTSA students run the dunk tank. Ms. VonDerLough will need to order the dunk tank and make sure it is manned. Kellene needs to order popsicles. Need some supervision from teachers, Mr. Glenn will coordinate getting the teachers to help.
Principal Report: Parent Teacher Conference went great and the food was appreciated.
Bring Your Parent to School Day – went well and was appreciated.
School Gift: Still planning on it but the furniture has not been selected yet. Mr. Glenn will take care of it within next two weeks.
Treasurer: Need all receipts by June 5th. We have about $2000 worth of money from Scholastic, the media will get some, the teachers could use books for their classes, and we could give gift certificates for teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week gifts.
Next Meeting: Meet at Schmidt’s at 11:30, May 2nd. Kellene will send out a reminder and reserve the room with Schmidt’s. Lunch is provided by the PTA.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

March 7 PTSA Meeting

OHMS PTSA Meeting – March 7, 2013

Attending: Kellene Adams, Jill Nebeker, Marvelle Morgan, Principal Glenn, Stephanie Hansen, Karla Hendricks, Patty Hales, Cherish Curtis, Shannon Smith, Ms. Van Der Lough
Welcome: Like what you do.
Minutes: Jill read, Stephanie –move, Carla – seconded, all approved
New Board for next year - President - Cherish, President Elect - ?, Secretary – Marvelle Morgan, Treasurer – Tiffany Parks, Legislative VP – Suzi Ruggles
Nominating Committee – Those willing to serve, Patty Hales, Shannon Smith, Carla Hendricks, the committee affirmed the nominees listed by Kellene, Carla will post.
Eagle of the Quarter – 18, 20, 21 Stephanie will be OK.
Volunteer help for next year - Need to get volunteers for next year. Mr. Glen said we can attach it to the registration in Skyward. Carla can make a google doc and put online for the parents to fill out with info on how they want to help. Also, we will be able to pay online.
Jill and Stephanie talked about making sure we change the PTA fees to $6 for next year (Cherish and Kellene will look into).
PTA Day – Saw Lt. Governor and visited, he gave basic law passing information. Had tour of capital and then went out to lunch. Kids enjoyed it. Next year we would like to include more kids (either invite in another school or OHMS Student Body Officers.
Financial Gift to School – Mr. Glenn said they are still looking at various item but haven’t made a decision yet.
Town Hall Meeting Tonight – Riverton City Hall 7 – 9.
Treasurer: Tiffany is gone, so contact her if you need a check.
PTSA Report –
March 11 – 15 White Ribbon Week they will make posters. For treats the kids want some of the following: White Airheads, suckers, donuts, and cookies. 1200 students approximately, so we will have to see what to get, Marvelle is happy to order and get them ready to pass it out. They also want to tie white ribbons on car antennae or backpack. NetSmartz is on the 13th on 3rd, 4th, and 5th periods. Amanda will make posters on Monday.
The Valentine Treats were a hit and sold out quickly – Cima is the company and the “Yummy Hearts” – ilovefundraising.com – we got 600 and sold out within 48 hours. Order more next year if you can.
Canned Food Drive – Theme is “Arcade Games”. Drive will be week before and week of Spirit Week April 8-12th.
Legislative Update – SB81 – take money from all districts and public schools and refund the schools who don’t have enough – many charters will get more money. Mr. Glenn would urge us to oppose.
SB110 – Give principals more autonomy but also gives school community council more control of school. Mr. Glenn would urge us to oppose. Nice to have more control but puts huge responsibility school community council and they are not educators and may have to constantly meet to just approve day to day expenditures.
HB133 - Publish teachers scores as raw data. Should show school performance but goes too far beyond the current reports. Mr. Glenn would urge us to oppose.
HB55 – Education funding.
Other Items: Bring Parents to School Day – March 22nd. List positions still being filled.
Next Meeting: April 4th at 11:30

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meeting Minutes 1-3-13

Please accept the apologies of the PTSA blogger for being a little over a month behind. If anyone is interested in filling this position, this year and/or next year, the commitment is minimal and training is available at your convenience. Please contact ohmsptsa@gmail.com for more information.

OHMS PTSA Meeting – January 3, 2013
Attending: Kellene Adams, Jill Nebeker, Marvelle Morgan, Principal Glenn, Lisa Zupanic, Stephanie Hansen, Shannon Smith, Karla Hendricks, Patty Hales, Tiffany, Suzi Ruggles, Ms. VanDerLough, Raelynn McCleary
Thought: Success is falling 7 times but getting up 8 times
Minutes: Jill read minutes, Mavelle moved to accept and Stephanie seconded, all approved.
Treasurer: We are at about $3000 left in the budget but still need to get a check from the front office for yearbooks.
Reflections: Lots of problems in the process the PTA is looking into revamping the process to improve.
Eagle of the Quarter: On January 14th, 15th and 16th (8, 9, 7)
Bring Your Parents to School Day: Parents want more notice, Kellene will let Ms. Edwards know to put in announcements. March 8th is the planned day but is only one week after Parent Teacher Conf. so we may want to delay a little bit. We will change to March 22nd. Parent Teacher Conference is 27th and 28th of February.
PTSA Report: Blue Ribbon Week – Feb 4 – 8th, White Ribbon Week – March 11-15th. The kids would like to have another dance, Mr. Glen will consider. Jodi and Ms. VonDerLough will need to go together in regards to White Ribbon Week.
Sucker for Valentines? Last year’s tasted awful so let’s look into other options and sell at cost.
Awards: Ms. Denney will be selected for the teacher, we need a volunteer and an administrator.
Financial Gift to School: We will help put some furniture in the library. Mr. Glen and the librarian will choose the furniture, we will donate $1500.
Legislature Day: Feb. 20th (Wed.) is the PTA day but we would prefer to do another day. We will aim for the beginning of March, Sharron will talk with governor’s office and find a day we can take the students on a tour.
Harmons Day: February 7th, we were selected to be at the District. We need to have volunteers from 11am – 7pm (three every 2 hours). The bagging competition is around 6pm but can be changed. Patty will get volunteers and coordinate with Raelynn. If we get the most Box Tops collected, we get an extra $50 donated. We would divide between our elementary feeder schools. Need to decorate our checkout line next week, the theme is “Move It Move It”. Raelynn and Amanda will coordinate with students to decorate.
Principal Report: $19,500 was what was raised for the Sub for Santa.
May 6th and 7th will be the High School Online Registration days.
February 7th is the 6th Grade Orientation here.
Next meeting on Thursday, February 7th at 11:30am