Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April 2018 OHMS PTSA Meeting Minutes

OHMS PTSA - Minutes
April 12, 2018

Called to order: Shannon Smith
Meeting commenced at: 12:43 PM
Pledge: Shannon
Attendance:  Mrs. Hogan, Rebecca VanSkyHawk, Beth Kunz, Maxine Conrad, Stephanie Hansen, Mr Glenn, Mr. Cherry, Denise Heninger, Brittany Maxfield, Shannon Smith, Emily Stout, Jill Smith

Minutes Approved from March Meeting by Denise Heninger and 2nd by Stephanie Hansen

Schedule for Last Week of School:
·         Monday (May 28th) – Labor Day – No School
·         Tuesday (May 29th)– Field Day
·         Wednesday (May 30th)  – Yearbooks / Award Assembly
·         Thursday (May 31st) – Lagoon Day
·         Friday (June 1st) – Last Day

PTSA – Ms. Hogan
·         White Ribbon Week – The week went awesome!  Wendy Osborn did a great job and the kids loved it.
·         Field Day – Coming up on Tuesday, May 29th – PTSA kids are coming up with the ideas for the field day.
·         Ideas: Food – Snow cones & Popcorn  (Jill to help with snowcone flavors, sugar water, cups, spoons, straws, etc.)
·         Volunteers
·         Games
·         Dunk Tank (Fun Services?)

President's Report – Shannon Smith
·  Board members next year – It is all set… Just need Pres-Elect
·  Study skill teachers Hopkin and Chamberlain
·  Last meeting - May 3 - Where do we want food from? CafĂ© Sublime ** We will send a reminder the week before with a menu to order your food prior to the meeting.
·  Volunteer Hours – Hours are due May 1st – Passed around sheet for everyone to fill in their volunteer hours.
·  JetBlue Drawing – Give 1 set to each of the following: Teachers, Parents, Admin, Teacher Appreciation –

Treasurer’s Report and Budget - Stephanie Hansen
·         Budget for March $26,492.79
·         Need to put money in budget for Soar Store to buy hats, socks etc.
·         Money in Budget for Emergency Kits

Principal’s Report – Mr. Glenn
·         Mr. Glenn gave a gift to each member of the PTSA with appreciation for all they do to help the school. A mug with candy inside and a cute note!
·         Science Olympiad – OHMS got 4th place, S. Hills got 2nd place – Mr. Monson has been awesome!
·         5 Teachers got awards:
o   Mrs Stewart - Jordan Education Foundation
o   Mr Perkins – Sorenson Legacy Art Foundation $2,500 for Art Program
o   Mrs. Broadhead – SV Chamber – Teacher of the Year Award
o   Mrs. Stirland – MESA – Teacher of the Year Award
o   Mr. Monson – State STEM Teacher of the Year Award
·         Opt in letter for Language Arts, Science and Math – if you get 3 or 4 on Sage testing you don’t have to take the final.  It’s all about **Demonstrating Proficiency
·         9th – 10th Aspire Test Passed for next year. This is a college readiness test.
·         Good things are happening at OHMS!!

Counseling Center – Mr. Cherry
·         AP Geography Testing – May 18th
o   95 are taking the test
o   Each student has to be 4 feet apart from another student
o   They will have 3 test locations.
·         Sage Testing starts May 7th – There will be a 2 week block schedule
o   1st week – Language Arts
o   2nd week – Math / Science
o   93 minute block of time to take test. They will use Fridays as make up days for those that miss a day.
o   3rd week – Counselors will test in the Counseling Center for those that missed or are absent.
·         Arena Scheduling – RHS is coming next Wednesday April 18th during TA to help students and that evening at 6:00 pm for parents.
·         Counselors are starting to meet with 9th graders to check on credits and arena scheduling.
·         Drivers Ed – another Quarter class will be revamped.
·         Suicide Talk by Todd Sylvester – “You are Good Enough!”
·         Monday night Suicide Prevention at RHS @ 6:30 PM
·         HOPE Squad – “You Make a Difference” Week
Cone Meeting:  March 29th
·         Pilot Program
·         Tech has engineering Program and Aviation Program for sophomores. Classes will be offered so they will eligible for pre-reqs.
Teacher Appreciation May 7-11
Eagle of the Quarter May 15-17
Field Day May 22

Other business:  We need someone to replace Stephanie Hansen on the Parent Literacy Selection Committee.

Eagle of the Quarter: Emily Stout
·         This Quarter it will be May 15th for 9th Graders and May 17th for 7th & 8th graders
·         The assembly will be at 9:30 AM and the reception at 10:00 AM


New Business:
·         Auditing Committee needs 3 people to help Audit the books. We will discuss more at our next meeting.

Next Meeting – Thursday, May 3 at 12:30…. LUNCH will be provided. Send us your food order by Wednesday, May 2nd!

Meeting adjourned:  2:34 PM