Monday, January 4, 2016

OHMS PTA Meeting - Dec 16, 2015

Members Present:
Mr. Glenn, Steve Cherry, Lauren Woodcock, Denise Heninger, Emily Stout, Amy Powell, Brittany Maxfield, Shannon Smith, Stephanie Hansen, Beth Kunz, Cherish Curtis and Janice Carlsen

Conducted By: Denise Heninger
 Minutes approved by Brittany Maxfield and seconded by Lauren Woodcock
Treasurer’s Report: Amy Powell
We are on budget, still need to pay for yearbooks.

PTSA report: Lauren Woodcock
Check has been written for sweatshirts.  Busy making posters for Oquirrhfest.  Continue to plan legislative day

Principal’s Report: Mr. Glenn
Oquirrhfest has raised $17,000 so far.  Planning on a press release on Friday and the assembly will be live streamed to TA classrooms.  
We will continue to coordinate TA intervention.

Discussion Items: * Memory Book-email account has been set up.  Please send pictures here.  
* Reflections-region award night at Copperhills.  We have 4-5 students moving on.
* Legislative day-Feb 25. There will be an 11:15 am meeting with the lieutenant governor.  Lauren will schedule the suburbans.  Mr. Glenn and Lauren to drive.  CafĂ© Rio for lunch.
* Leadership Awards-please fill out the forms.  No one from our district has received this award.  
* White Ribbon Week-scheduled for first week in April.  PTSA students will begin working on posters in March.  Internet safety and pornography are the focus.  One day will be “keep in under your hat day” students will wear hats.”
* Nominating Committee-Beth Kunz, Michelle Hinojosa.  Any other volunteers?  We only need one!

Counseling Center:
* Utah Scholars-Jan 7 Volunteers recruited-Stephanie Hansen, Shannon Smith, Brittany Maxfield, Shelli Smith, Emily Stout and Denise Heninger.  Three teachers classes with a total of 14 classes to teach.  Training will be on January 5 at 1:00 BY Steve Cherry.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:55 pm 

Next Meeting-Thursday, Jan 28 at 11:45 am