Monday, September 8, 2014

PTSA Meeting - September 4, 2014

Members Present:

Mr. Glenn, Natalie Bartholomew, Lauren Woodcock, Darla Thomas, Beth Kunz, Karla Hendricks, Angie Chapman, Amy Skinner, Cherish Curtis, Lisa Zupancic, Jill Nebeker, Marvelle Morgan, Janice Carlsen, Stephanie Hansen, Emily Stout

Conducted By: Beth Kunz

            Introductions of officers

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Skinner
          Ethics/Conflict of Interest Reports were signed
Budget reviewed, discussed and motioned to approve.  Approval was seconded. 
There was a clarification made on the PTC dinners.  The dinners will include all five PTC meals as well as the teacher appreciation meal (approx. $500)
The Budget will be posted on the school website for the next thirty days for general PTA approval
Discussion of Memory Book/Membership Drive.  It was determined the price will need to be raised for the 2015-2016 school year. 
There will be no school gift this year because of lack of funds
PTSA report: Lauren Woodcock
Recruitment of students for PTSA will begin 1-2 weeks following the SBO elections. 
Approximately 17 students will be needed.
10 volunteers will be needed on October 9 for Vision Screening.  Training begins at 8:15 am. 
Angie Chapman will work with Cherish Curtis to find volunteers.

Principal’s Report: Mr. Glenn
Approximately 1150 students.  In the next two to three years there will be a shift in students, increasing OHMS enrollment by about 200 students.  This will come from boundary changes.


Discussion Items:

·         JATC Field Trip-8th graders-September 23 and September 24.  First Session will begin at 8:05 am.  There will be two sessions.  8 volunteers will be needed  to ride on the bus, each day.
            There will be a clarifying email which will come from Natalie  concerning which teachers go which
day.  Cherish will find volunteers on the school website.  Beth will help with the coordination.
·         Back to School Night-Was a success as it was run.  Volunteer list was obtained
·         Bring Parents to school day-Date determined to be November 21.  There will only be one date this school year. 
·         Reflections-Due Date-Wed, October 15.  Due to front office.  Angie Chapman to oversee.
·         PTC-October 1-2.  Lunches will be served at 3:00pm.  Times for the conferences will be 4-8:00 on the 1 and 4-7:30 on the 2.  There will be a table set up with PTSA information-memory books, membership and membership cards will be available. Time slots will need to be filled for each day.  Volunteers-Jill, and Stephanie.
·         Book Fair-September 29-October 2.  Janice to oversee.  Cherish to set up on website volunteer slots.  Book fair will be done at both conferences.  Janice will have a push to promote literacy through book talks done with announcements and class previews.  Gadgets will only come out in the evenings.
·         White and Blue Ribbon Week-(Internet safety and bullying) Darla Thomas to oversee with the help of Constance Coombs.  Dates October 13-15.  An internet safety class will be taught on October 14. PTSA kids will be in charge under the direction of Darla.  Budget for all three weeks is split into three.  Make PTSA students aware of the budget.
·         Red Ribbon Week-Feb 17-20
Meeting Adjourned: 12:45 pm

Next Meeting-Thursday, Oct 2, 11:00 am  (Please note the time change)

Friday, September 5, 2014

PTSA Budget 2014-2015 - Proposed Budget

Beginning Balance          $8,781.28

Revenue                         $10,700.00

Student Support              3,150.00    
Health/Safety/Welfare     1,000.00
Hospitality                      3,500.00
Administrative                4,750.00
Total expenses:               $12,400.00

Sales Tax Reimb.            $216.29

Ending Balance               $7,297.57