Monday, August 31, 2015

PTSA Budget 2015-2016 - Proposed Budget

PTSA Budget 2015-2016 - Proposed Budget

Beginning Balance          $8,984.00

Revenue                            $11,750.00

     Student Support                 2,750.00    
     Health/Safety/Welfare     2,100.00
     Hospitality                           2,100.00
     Administrative                    1,780.00
     Total expenses:                $8,730.00

Sales Tax Reimb.                 $215.00

Ending Balance               $12,219.00

OHMS PTA Meeting - August 27, 2015

Members Present:
     Mr. Glenn, Steve Cherry, Lauren Woodcock, Denise Heninger, Beth Kunz, Jill Nebeker,
     Marvelle Morgan, Janice Carlsen, Stephanie Hansen, Emily Stout, Amy Powell,
     Brittany Maxfield, Amy Jessen, Lisa Lighten, Emily Oldroyd

Conducted By: Denis Heninger
     Introductions of board members

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Skinner
     Budget reviewed and discussed 
     Motioned to approve by Jill N. Approval was seconded by Stephanie H.
     Suggestion made to coordinate Fight the New Drug with South Hills and Riverton High
     for 2016-2017 school year.
     The Budget will be posted on the school website for the next thirty days for general
     PTA approval.

PTSA report: Lauren Woodcock
     7th grade elections will occur towards the end of September.  
     Teachers have been asked to pay their PTSA dues and a reminder will go out in about
     two weeks.

Principal’s Report: Mr. Glenn
     Approximately 1120 students
     90% of the construction in complete.  The electrical work should finish up in about a

Discussion Items:
     * Back to School Night-Thursday August 27, 5:30-7:00  PTA volunteers needed to man
        PTA table
     * Blue Ribbon Week-September 14-18  A flyer will be distributed to TA teachers to
        overview the week.
          Monday-kickoff day.  Kids will receive tear away wristbands at lunch.  Also kids will
          begin to search for their name found on a heart hanging in the school which they
          can return for a treat. 
          PTSA kids will cut hearts and write student names.  Mr. Cherry will provide the list
          of students.
          Tuesday-Sock it to a bully.  Utah Anti bully coalition will do an assembly and the
          kids will wear crazy socks
          Wednesday-Give bullying the boot.  Wear your favorite boots.
          Thursday-Proud to be Bully Free-kids wear Blue and Orange
          Friday-Team up against bullying-Wear team jersey and turn in wristband for treat.
          Wristbands could say “Band together against bullying”
     * Reflections-Amy hasn’t been able to contact council so a due date is unknown at this
     * PTC-September 30-October 1.  Lunches will be served at 3:00pm. Plan on 100
        teachers this year
     * Book Fair-September 28-October 2.  Janice to oversee.  Discussed that maybe Jenni
        could help to set up on website volunteer slots.  Skylert to remind parents to look at
        volunteer spot.
     * Red Ribbon Week-October 19-23 We are looking for someone to be in charge of this.  
     * Harmon’s Day-Denise to contact Harmons 
     * Mrs. Byerline-is in need of parent volunteers to enter in computer information, due
          to health issues.  If you are willing to help please contact Beth Kunz.

Counseling Center:
     * JATC Field Trip-is upcoming and volunteers will be needed.
     * Reality Town is scheduled for November 18
     * Question was presented to determine the interest level of parents participating in
        TA intervention once a week.  The parents would be used to run activities while
        their child’s teacher is teaching intervention.  The timing of this would be
        approximately 8:30-9:15. Consensus is there would be enough parent help to run
        this program if it becomes the determined route.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:20 pm
Next Meeting-Thursday, Sept 24, 11:45 am  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Welcome Back Eagles!

Just a quick reminder about Back-to-School Night; please join us Thursday at 5:30 pm at the school.

We’d love to have you attend our meetings, where we discuss all the fun activities that we have planned, as well as the great things that are happening at OHMS. The first meetings is Thursday, August 27th at 11:00 am at the school.

 Finally, this blog is a great place to get important information, not just about PTSA, but about the activities your student is involved in and how you can be involved as well. Become a follower of the blog, and you’ll automatically be notified whenever new information is posted.

Thanks, we are looking forward to a great year!

Denise Heninger
PTSA President