Friday, April 21, 2017

April OHMS PTSA Minutes

OHMS PTSA - Minutes
April 6, 2017

Called to order: Brittany
Meeting commenced at: 1:15 pm
Attendance: Stephanie Hansen, Brittany Maxfield, Jill Smith, Shannon Smith, Tressa Spigarelli, Emily Stout, Carly Stirland, Mike Glenn

1.  Approval of minutes – Motioned – Stephanie, 2nd Shannon

2.  Treasurer's report – Stephanie reported we have $19,083.53 – We had a $2,000 expense for the Fight the New Drug Assemblies and approx. $200 for reimbursement for the Trip to the Capitol with the PTSA students.

3.  PTSA report – Food Drive the week of April 24th … May 1st start getting new PTSA students

4.  Principal's Report – The Governor was here and the Eagle of the Quarter went great!

5. Counseling Center – Mr. Cherry was at a conference but they have the needs assessment online.

6. President’s Report
v  Final Reimbursements & AFR Help – Need 3 people to help close the books after June 30th. Stephanie, Brittany and Jill will help another school and they will do ours.

v  Next Year’s Advisor – Mrs Stirland!!!  We are so happy to have her back!

v  Memory Book Distribution – It’s Happening!! Tuesday, May 30th - Amy & Beth are both working on it.

v  White Ribbon Week & Fight the New Drug Recap – We had one parent upset but about five kids that came up afterwards and wanted help. It was totally worth it if we can help a few kids! ** Suggestion to have the parent night the night before so parents know what will be discussed. We will have a link in the newsletter with the Fight the New Drug Video. The 7th & 8th grade presentations were a little different than the 9th graders. A few of the reasons that we do this at school are:  1. To get the information out there     2. Give the kids a resource to go to if needed

v  Eagle of the Quarter – Next one will be May 17, 17, 22

v  Teacher Appreciation Week –
1.       Mon, May 1st - PTA Hand Sanitizer – Pink Yink Drink
2.       Tues, May 2nd - Hop on Pop with popcorn bar and Rootbeer Floats
3.       Wed, May 3rd – Red Fish/Blue Fish – Pizza lunch – Papa Murphys
4.       Thurs, May 4th – Star Wars, Princess Leah – Cinnamon Rolls (7:30 am)
5.       Fri, May 5th – Dessert Bar

v  Field Day – Friday May 26th – snow cones, popcorn, kickball, Frisbee, dunk tank, softball, foam party (Herriman Fire Dept) B-ball in gym, Talent assembly

v  Bylaws Expire 10/1/2017 – Post for 30-90 days

v  Last week of school:
1.       Mon – Memorial Day
2.       Tues – Memory Book Handout – May 30th  (call kids down by grade)
3.       Wed – Awards Assembly 7, 8, 9th
4.       Thurs – Lagoon Day
5.       Fri – Last Day of School
7. Upcoming Activities

8. New Business – Gift for school from PTSA – options First Aid Bucket with water bottles and granola bars and Ice machine for Teachers lounge

Next Meeting – Thursday, May 11th - 1:00 pm – Final PTSA Luncheon

Volunteer Hours needed for President’s report… Please email your hours to Jill Smith at