Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Have A Great Summer!!!

We hope everyone has a great summer!    We look forward to having Beth Kunz as next years OHMS PTSA President.  She has many great things planned for our kids.  If you would like to help out email and let her know and she will be happy to let you know what is still open and how you can help out.

Next year Reflections theme is:  The World Would Be A Better Place If ...

We look forward to next year.

Cherish Curtis
PTSA President

Oquirrh Hills Middle School PTSA
March 6, 2014

In attendance, Beth Kunz, Skinner, Cherish Curtis, Angie Chapman, Jill Nebeker, Lauren Woodcock, Stephanie Hansen, Janice Carlson, Kellene Adams

  • Welcome - Cherish
  • Thought -Cherish
  • Reading and Approval of Minutes – No minutes sent yet for last month, we will do it next month.
    • Vote in Elections for next year
      • Beth Kunz – President
      • Amy Skinner – Treasurer
      • Karla Hendricks – Legislative VP
      • Cherish Curtis – Membership VP
All voted in favor
  • Treasurer’s Report – Current balance is $15,653.13

  • PTSA Report
    • PTSA kids day at the capitol – It was great! They will look at whether to go on PTA day or not for next year.
    • When to do canned food drive – Avenge Hunger, Lauren Woodcock will work to find a week to collect the food, PTA will pay for a donut party for winners of collecting.

  • President’s Report
    • Legislative Session Update ( – still going, not a lot going on
    • 2nd Bring your parent to school day – About 80 parents came
    • PTC – March 5-6 - Update
      • Dinners – did last night, will take care of tonight
      • Book Fair – tough time getting help for the Spring, Janice is needing to fill a lot of the positions herself. We need to look at maybe collecting emails at the beginning of the year and have the ability to connect individually if we are short on volunteers.
    • White Ribbon Week – Fight the New Drug – Anti Porn
      • March 19 – Parent Night – at 7:00 pm
      • March 20 – Kids (3rd, 4th, and 5th period)
        • Ms. Woodcock will work with PTSA students to make posters & make handouts for White Ribbon Week, the students will see about making each day a special theme.
    • Memory Books – moving along
    • Utah Scholars link is up on the Volunteer link

  • Principal’s Report
    • Financial Gift from PTA ($1,500) – Mr. Glen will think of what they want to spend it on.
    • Calendar Items

  • New Business - Nothing

  • Next Meeting: April 3, 2014 @ 11:30

Thurs., Feb. 6, 2014

I.                     Welcome
II.                  Thought
III.                Approval of Minutes – Jill made a motion to approve and Amy Skinner seconded the motion.  It was unanimous.
IV.                Treasurer’s Report –
V.                  PTSA Report
a.      Valentine’s Suckers – doubled the number ordered this year but have already sold 3 boxes this morning
b.      Day at the Capitol – Feb. 19th
                                                              i.      A couple students are on probation for behavior.  They have a quarter to improve.  They will still be allowed to go to the capitol.
VI.                Eagle of the Quarter – went well
VII.              Harmon’s Day today
a.      Jill volunteered to help
b.      Mike will be competing in the bagging competition at 5:30 pm
VIII.            Parent’s Night for 7th graders tonight
a.      Cherish and Beth will be there
IX.                Legislative Session –
X.                  Bring Your Parents to School Day – Feb. 21st
a.      counseling center will do a 1 period mini class and would like suggestions – Utah Scholars  (we need 10 volunteers) or Fight the New Drug or general financial aid – might do this class during parent teacher conferences instead
XI.                Parent Teacher conference  March 5-6
a.      Student led conferences – sign up online and start in TA
b.      Dinners – Cherish and Beth will do
c.       Book Fair – Cherish will get volunteer spot set up
XII.              White Ribbon Week
a.      March 19th – Parent Night – 7 pm at the school
b.      March 20th – assemblies – 3rd, 4th, and 5th periods
c.       Tracie Becknell will let feeder elementaries know about the parent night
d.      Jill will check on booths from related organizations and will also get links from them to put on our blog so we can get the helpful info out to everyone.
XIII.            Career Day – March 11th   (7th graders will shadow a career and 8th and 9th graders will have different career classes here)

XIV.            Next Meeting – March 6, 2014 at 11:30