Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Welcome to the new Oquirrh Hills Middle PTSA blog!  One of my goals as PTSA President this year is to try to improve communication with parents.  I am hopeful that this blog will be a helpful tool towards reaching that goal.  A big thanks to Susan Metcalf for spear-heading this project.

We will be utilizing this blog to inform you of upcoming events, deadlines, on-going activities, volunteer opportunities, etc.  Please feel free to comment if you have suggestions for what you'd like to see here.

Another goal is to improve our volunteerism (especially of the male parent/guardian).  Please get involved with your students and the various school activities.  We need your help and studies have shown that students do better when their parents are involved.

A flyer entitled "Three for Me" was enclosed in the registration packets.  This program is designed to encourage everyone to consider donating 3 hours of their time during the school year.  I urge you to consider this request and do your best to find just 3 hours of your time to volunteer.

I appreciate this opportunity to serve as your PTSA President this year and am looking forward to working with you on behalf of the OHMS students.

Marvelle Morgan

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