Thursday, August 30, 2012

Budget for 2012-2013

Below is the proposed budget. Please vote if you approve at the end of this post.

Proposed Budget of
Oquirrh Hills Middle School PTSA
Fiscal Year 2012-2013

Balance Carried Forward:     $16,794.11


     Membership (700 members)     $3500.00
     Harmon’s Grocery PTA Days Fundraiser     $500.00
     Memory Books Fundraiser     $8000.00
     Total Projected Income:     $12,000


     Student Support

           Eagle of the Quarter     $1,000.00
           Field Day      $1,500.00
           Legislative Day      $1,000.00
           PTSA Student Representative Sweat Shirts $800.00
           Miscellaneous Student Activities (Reality Town, Reflections, etc.)      $500.00
           Student Support Budgeted Expense s:       $4,800.00


           Red Ribbon Week      $800.00
           White Ribbon Week      $1,200.00
           Health/Safety/Welfare Budgeted Expenses:      $2,000.00


           Volunteer Appreciation     $500.00
           Teacher Appreciation     $2,200
           Teacher Birthday Gifts     $800.00
           Parent-Teacher Conference Dinners for Teachers     $1,500.00
           Hospitality Budgeted Expenses:     $5,000.00


           Membership     $100.00
           Leadership Training     $300.00
           National/Utah/Council PTA Dues:     $2625.00
           School Gift:     $1,500.00
           Office Supplies/Copies/Postage     $500.00
           Administrative Budgeted Expenses:     $5,025.00

Total Budgeted Expenses:     <$16,825.00>

Projected Ending Balance:     $11,969.11

Do you approve of the proposed 2012-2013 OHMS PTSA Budget?

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