Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Minutes from August PTA Meeting

August 20, 2013
Attendees:  Mike Glenn, Stephanie Hansen, Lisa Zupanic, Carla Handricks, Lauren Woodcock, Cherish Curtis
Mr. Glenn will send a Skylert requesting a need for President Elect and Treasurer needed for PTA.
Cherish introduced herself and the board.
We don’t have treasurer papers and checkbook (she has moved and will be coming home this weekend to hopefully give us all her papers) and the reports haven’t been finalized but it is close.
Cherish needs to be added to check account and Marvelle.
Lisa Zupanic will be serving lunch to teachers tomorrow for first day back.  She will be starting at 12:30 and will need someone to help collect PTA dues from the teachers.  Stephanie can help with counting money.
Back to School Night – Lisa said she would wait for major sign up during Parent Teacher Conference.  Cherish will make an announcement and we be available for questions but we will not worry about pushing for PTA membership.
They will still be doing the happenings every two weeks as a Skylert.
We will do budget by next meeting.  Meetings are 1st Thursday of each month at 11:30.
PTA will be trying to be helping more in the classrooms.  Patty will be coordinating those efforts on an online volunteer database.
Amy Jessop will be doing Reflections again this year. Theme is Believe, Dream,  Inspire.
We will do our “Bring Your Parent to School Day”.  Let’s plan on November 15th.
November 5th, 6th, 7th will be Eagle of the Quarter.
Skylert will be sent for first day of school for 7th graders and first day for the remainder of schools.
We will need someone to do Parent Teacher Conference Dinners.

Next meeting will be Thursday, September, 5th at 11:30am.

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