Saturday, November 16, 2013

OHMS PTA Meeting
Thursday, November 7, 2013

Attendees:  Janice Carlsen, Susie Ruggles, Stephanie Hanson, Lauren Woodcock, Patty Hales, Lisa Zupancic, Marvelle Morgan, Amy Skinner, Cherish Curtis, Kellene Adams,  Beth Kunz, Carla Hendricks

Thought:  “It’s choices not chance that determines your destination.” 

Reading and Approval of Minutes:   Lisa motioned to approve and Patty seconded.

 Budget:  Amy motioned to approve and Stephanie seconded

Financial Report:   Collected $1,245 in dues and $1320.77 at the book fair.  Spent $589.77 on teacher dinners, $75.07 on supplies, and $1,089 on dues remittance.  Current balance is $14,575.69.   We have not paid for the book fair yet.  Amy would like to buy a change tray for counting change at the book fair.  It costs about $30 at Staples.  The board thought that was a justifiable expense.

President’s Report:  
·         Reflections Report:  We have collected everything.  There was about 50 entries.  They will go to Council tomorrow.
·         Eagle of the Quarter:  It went well.  They had to hold it in the teacher’s lounge so it was a bit crowded but okay.
·         Volunteers:  38 out of 50 for “Hello Dolly” and 7 out of 10 for vision screening.
·         Bring Your Parent to School Day:  November 15th
·         PTA council meeting here November 21 at 11:45 in the Media Center.  PTSA kids to check people in and direct them to the Media Center.
·         White Ribbon Week – March 17-21 (Fight the New Drug)  Budget is $1200.    Combined budget of white and red ribbon weeks are $2000.   Get prices on assemblies and on a parent night and check on availability of doing a parent night.   Possibly invite parents from Riverton High and even from feeder elementary schools.

PTSA Report:
·         Cardigans have been chosen and they are $45 each.  They are ordered but are on backorder so hopefully by the week of Thanksgiving.  The PTSA kids will pay membership fee before picking up the cardigans.
·         Rivalry Week is November 18-22.  PTSA students are painting faces before school and at lunch.

Principal’s Report:
·         Calendar Items:
o       Rivalry Week – Nov. 18th
o       Vision Screening – Nov. 20th
o       NetSmartz Assembly – Nov. 21st
o       Student of the Month – Nov. 25th
o       Oquirrh Feast Kick Off Assembly – Dec. 1st

Next Meeting:  December 5, 2013 @ 11:30

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