Wednesday, January 21, 2015

OHMS PTA Meeting
January 8, 2015

Members Present:
Mr. Glenn, Natalie Bartholomew, Lauren Woodcock, Beth Kunz, Amy Skinner, Emily Stout, Brittany Maxfield, Cherish Curtis

Conducted By: Beth Kunz

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Skinner

PTSA report: Lauren Woodcock
Hoodies ordered.  Overspent by $55.  PTA to cover remaining costs
Valentine suckers will be done again this year

Principal’s Report: Mr. Glenn
* Jumprope for Life.  Shirts are now available as well as jumpropes
* Harmons day is on for April 22
* Discussion and plans shown for school remodeling plans this summer

Discussion Items:
* December Minutes approved by Beth seconded by Brittany
* Legislative Day.  Lauren will reserve the bus and get the permission slips taken care of.  Beth will replace Karla for the day.  $500 budget available for bus, sub and food
* Email will be sent out to start recruiting PTA board members for 2015-2016 school year.  Brittany Maxfield to be president elect
* Red ribbon week-February 17-20.  Activities will be done during TA.  Beth and Jeanean to oversee
* Oquirrh Hills will host council PTA meeting on January 22 at 11:45

Counseling Center Items:
* Natalie to book Net Smartz for first two weeks in Sept.  This will be scheduled in March, due to lady from Net Smartz being on Maternity leave
* White ribbon week-Sept
* Blue Ribbon Week-Nov
* Red Ribbon Week-Feb
* Career Day March 10-email to be sent out to start recruiting volunteers.  45 volunteers needed.  15 have already volunteered.  A few PTA volunteers will be needed to direct traffic.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:45 pm

Next Meeting-Thursday, Feb 5, 11:00 am

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