Monday, May 11, 2015

PTA Meeeting - May 7, 2015

Members Present:
Mrs. Price, Natalie Bartholomew, Beth Kunz, Amy Skinner, Emily Stout, Lisa Zupancic, Denise Heninger, Janice Carlsen, Angie Chapman, Cherish Curtis, Stephanie Hansen

Conducted By: Beth Kunz

Treasurer’s Report: Amy Skinner
* receipts due last day of school
* Audit to happen-date TBD new treasurer-Amy Powell and Stephanie Hansen to do.  Clarification is needed on how many should sit in on the audit

PTSA report: 
Canned Food Drive did okay.  Only three containers instead of four were filled.  Determined to do the food drive earlier in the year to not compete with all the yearend activities.  

Principal’s Report: 

Discussion Items:
* April Minutes approved by Cherish seconded by Beth
* Teacher Appreciation will be May 4-8.  So far has been awesome
* Field day-June 1 Will be an afternoon activity.  No water this year.  SBO and PTSA kids are in charge.  Order creamies through Costco-1000, this is the better price.  We will have access to the kitchen freezer for this activity.
* Memory Books will be handed out on June 2.  Start time is 7:50.  30 volunteers needed starting at 7:30.  Cherish will put this on the volunteer spot and Lisa will coordinate with the volunteers. Should take 45- minutes to an hour.  Dance(Music) will be in the afternoon.
* Memory Books/Membership for next year.  With registering for 2015-2016 the title will reflect memory book fundraiser. (an explanation of this being the PTA fundraiser and membership will be given)  There will also be a space for additional memberships and donations.  The cost will be $27.
* There will be no volunteer survey for 2015-2016, instead there will be contact information on the school website for those interested in participating in different activities.
* Jill and Marvelle to oversee the teacher luncheon on August 20??
* All reimbursement checks need to be turned in by last day of school

Counseling Center Items:
* Parent University is scheduled for May 6 and scholarships will be discussed.  
* District wide training for Utah scholars on May 20 for 2015-2016.  Natalie to see to a Skylert going out for volunteers interested in participating.  Suggestions were made to have the kids start the survey as their starter for the day and to do the sign up at home as a follow up to the class lecture.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:30 pm

Next Meeting-Thursday, Aug 27

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