Monday, February 29, 2016

OHMS PTA Meeting - Feb 25, 2016

Members Present:
Steve Cherry, Denise Heninger, Emily Stout, Amy Powell, Stephanie Hansen, Cherish Curtis, Tressa Spigarelli and Jill Nebeker

Conducted By: Denise Heninger
Minutes approved by Stephanie Hansen and seconded by Jill Nebeker
Treasurer’s Report: Amy Powell
We are on budget

PTSA report: Lauren Woodcock
PTSA excused, as they are involved with Legislative Day

Principal’s Report: Mr. Glenn
Excused, as he is involved with Legislative Day

Discussion Items:
* Memory Book-Deadline April 1
* White Ribbon Week-Marvelle band Jill in charge.
Monday-White Face Painting during lunch.  PTSA kids to help
Tuesday-Block out porn-wear sunglasses.  TA activity-Trash out porn competition
Wednesday-Porn is no laughing matter-hand out laffy taffy in TA
Thursday-White out day-wear white
Friday-Banner day-sign at lunch and receive a cookie.  One banner per lunch.  4 helpers needed
Theme-“Wise you must be, use the force and shut down pornography”
Posters to be made in March for Display the week of White Ribbon festivities.  Top five TA’s to receive Artic Circle coupon.  Jill to provide poster boards to 45 TA’s.

* Nominating Committee-Beth Kunz, Michelle Hinojosa.  Mike Glenn
Names discussed for 2016-2017 nominations.  Motion to approve-Cherish 2nd-Steve Cherry.  Vote-7.  Board will be posted for general pta to vote on the next 30 days.
President-Brittany Maxfield  
Pres. Elect-?
Legislative YP-Shannon Smith
Treasurer-Stephanie Hansen
* Eagle of the Quarter-Dates March 29-31
* PTC dinners-Under Budget
* Bookfair-Tressa attended as much as possible as she is taking over next years.  More advertising needed for volunteers.  2-3 weeks out and then a second reminder, before the desperate need email goes out.
* Field Day-May 27.  SBo’s and PTSA in charge.
* Ben Lesser Presentation-Evening talk same as 8th grade presentation.

Counseling Center:
* Utah Scholars-Registration happening next week in TA
* Career Day-Met the need for vounteers, if there are others notify counseling center.  PTSA to provide refreshments-water bottle and trail mix packet.

Meeting Adjourned: 1:00 pm 

Next Meeting-Thursday, Mar 31 at 11:45 am  This will be a General PTA membership meeting.

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