Monday, February 1, 2016

OHMS PTA Meeting - Jan 28, 2016

Members Present:
Mr. Glenn, Steve Cherry, Lauren Woodcock, Denise Heninger, Emily Stout, Amy Powell, Shannon Smith, Stephanie Hansen, Beth Kunz, Emily Oldroyd and Janice Carlsen

Conducted By: Denise Heninger
 Minutes approved by Stephanie Hansen and seconded by Lauren Woodcock
Treasurer’s Report: Amy Powell
We are on budget, still need to pay for yearbooks.

PTSA report: Lauren Woodcock
Have suburban for legislative da.  Lauren is making permission slips.  Lauren and Shannon to finish time details, need to be back by 3:00.  Need to find kids available to help cover bookfair shifts on Leg. Day.  Will start on Valentine suckers.  Lauren will be moving to Mass, therefore a new PTSA teacher is needed.  

Principal’s Report: Mr. Glenn
Rah Rah day is Feb 10 and Parent Night is Feb 11.  Denise to speak at parent night representing PTA.  
Ben Lesser (Holocaust Survivor) will be speaking to the 8th grade students only on Mar 15 for an hour and a half.  Later that evening there will be an open presentation from 6-8:30.  Location to be determined.  On Mar 16 Ben will be presenting to South Jordan Middle.  Mrs. Curtis is in need of publicity help.

Discussion Items:
* Memory Book-Mrs. Terry to look into a PTSA camera.  The deadline is April 18.  Kimberly to send two to three email blasts to remind parents of the upcoming deadline.  Also a table will be set up at PTC for parents to review the paid list.  PTSA kids to make a sign for this.  
* Reflections-One student moved on to the state level.
* Legislative day-Feb 25. There will be an 11:15 am meeting with the lieutenant governor.  Lauren will schedule the suburban.  Mr. Glenn and Lauren to drive.  CafĂ© Rio for lunch.
* White Ribbon Week-Marvelle and Jill in charge
* Nominating Committee-Beth Kunz, Michelle Hinojosa.  Mike Glenn. 
* Eagle of the Quarter-Dates March 29-31
* PTC dinners-First night is Sizzler.  Second Night is Joe Morley soup and bread.

Counseling Center:
* Utah Scholars-Has registration happened for this?
* Career Day-Looking for speakers.  March 11.  8-9th graders attend.  7th graders do a job shadow.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:50 pm 

Next Meeting-Thursday, Feb 25 at 11:45 am  

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