Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Meeting Minutes for February 2017

OHMS PTSA - Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2017

Called to order: Brittany
Meeting commenced at: 9:08 am
Pledge/Thought: “Some men see the world as it is and ask why; others see the world as it might be and ask why not.” - Bernard Shaw

Attendance: Steven Cherry, Beth Kunz, Stephanie Hansen, Shannon Smith, Denise Heninger, Emily Stout, Tressa Spigarelli, Brittany Maxfield, Jill Smith

1.  Approval of minutes – Mr Cherry approved, Beth 2nd

2.  Treasurer's report – We have $20,000 in our account. We will be changing banks to Mountain America. Motion to approve bank change was Shannon Smith, 2nd was Brittany Maxfield. We have a missing check. Stephanie will try to locate it.

3.  PTSA report – Mrs. Stirland was not able to attend.

4.  Principal's Report – Oquirrh Fest/Rush - OHMS collected about $22,000. The communication between the High School and OHMS was not very good. They will probably not combine next year.  F Report for 9th grade = down 47%

5. Mini Meeting

6. President’s Report
·  White Ribbon Week – Fight the new drug assembly during school on March 14th – with a parents night assembly on March 14th at 7:00 pm, We discussed different ideas for the week: Getting donuts to hand out (white frosting?), White Out, White Flags for front yard and Banner. Mr Cherry will check with the Fight the New drug people and see what they have that we can use.  We talked about dropping an old computer off the roof during both lunches with the theme – “Smash Pornography out of your life!”
·  Book Fair 2/13-17 – Tressa reported that they will set up next Friday, Feb 10th and leave it till Thurs, Feb 16th.  List of volunteers needs to be sent to Tressa for helper during the book fair. There will be a drawing for a prize for each book you buy. We discussed having a Book Exchange at the end of the year for summer reading.
·  PTC Dinners – Wed – Pizza (either Costco or The Pie) and Thurs - Sizzler who will provide chicken, baked potatoes, rolls, salad and rolls
·  Nominating Committee – Officers elected in March – So far this is our list:
1.      President – Shannon Smith
2.      Pres Elect –
3.      Legislature – Rebecca Van Sky Hawk
4.      Treasurer – Stephanie Hansen
5.      Secretary – Jill Smith
6.      Volunteer Coordinator – Denise Heninger
7.      Membership -
8.      Teacher Appreciation – Brittany Maxfield
9.      Bookfair – Tressa Spigarelli
10.  Webpage Coordinator -
11.  PTC Dinners – Brittany Maxfield
12.  Memory Book – Beth Kunz & Amy Powell
13.  Red Ribbon Week – Beth Kunz & Amy Powell
14.  Blue Ribbon Week -
15.  White Ribbon Week –
16.  Eagle of the Quarter – Emily Stout
17.  Reflections –
18.  T-shirts
19.  Teacher Birthdays -
·  Oquirrh Shirts and hats – (I left before this was discussed… Denise ?
·  Teacher of the Month – (I left before this was discussed)  Denise ?
7. Counseling Center

8. Memory Book

9. Legislative
·  PTA Day at the Capitol 2/22 – Shannon has arranged to take students to meet with the Lt. Governor at 10:00. Mr. Glenn got approval to drive. There will be approx. 15 students. Suburban, Substitutes and Food has been arranged.
10. New Business –
·         Discussed moving the meeting on Thursdays to 1:00 pm – Brittany will talk to Mr. Glenn.

Next Meeting – Thursday, March 2nd - 9:00 am?? or 1:00 J

Volunteer Hours needed for President’s report… Please email your hours to Jill Smith at

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