Tuesday, December 4, 2018

November 2018 OHMS PTSA Meeting Minutes

OHMS PTSA Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2018

Called to order: Denise Heninger
Meeting commenced at: 11:50 AM
Pledge/Thought:  Denise Heninger
Attendance: Denise Heninger, Rebecca VanSkyHawk, Emily Butler, Steve Cherry, Emily Stout, Andrea Hogan, Tressa Spigarelli, Mike Glenn, and Amy Powell.

Excused: Maxine Conrad—out of town for work; Brittany Maxfield—at work; Jill Smith—family illness.

Treasurer’s Report and Budget: Amy Powell
·         Budget—Everything looks good so far, and is under budget
·         Balance—October 1, 2018: $16,901.75
·         Will write reimbursement checks at meeting
·         Reality Town water coming out of which budget?

PTSA: Andrea Hogan
·         Oquirrh Fest Volunteers—supervise cash boxes before school and during lunches.
·         Oquirrh Fest Activities—Christmas suckers and scrunchies; students making posters.

PTC Dinners: Jill Smith & Brittany Maxfield
            Soups and Hawaiian Haystacks in February

Book Fair: Tressa Spigarelli
Made $2900 in sales; received $1400 back in Scholastic dollars which were used by teachers to purchase books for their classrooms.

Eagle of the Quarter: Emily Stout
            Went well—dates for January 15-17
Reflections – Denise Heninger
·         Breakfast Nov 7th during TA for winners—we had about 20 entries
·         Principal’s Award
·         Due to Council on November 16th
·         Could use more teacher involvement to boost student involvement.

Red Ribbon Week: Beth Kunz and Wendy Osborne January 22-25, 2019

Principal’s Report: Mike Glenn
·         School Board will meet on Tuesday to finalize new boundaries.
·         Might impact ALPS students
·         Oquirrh Fest coming at the end of November/will emphasize serving to raise money

Counseling Center: Steve Cherry
·         Standards Based Grading
·         Collaboration helps to boost scores
·         8th Grade individual meetings/PCCR’s/4-year plan can now be accessed on Skyward
·         Only 86 total F’s in 1st Quarter/down from other years.

President's Report – Denise Heninger
·         Nominations for 2019/2020
·         Recruitment
·         Membership Drive/contest give away plane tickets as prizes

New Business:

Meeting adjourned: 1:03 PM

Next Meeting: Thursday, December 6th at 11:45 AM

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