Friday, December 7, 2018

December 2018 OHMS PTSA Meeting Minutes

OHMS PTSA – Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2018

Welcome/ Pledge: Maxine Conrad
Meeting commenced at: 11:52 PM
Attendance: Maxine Conrad, Mike Glenn, Denise Heninger, Rebecca Van Skyhawk, Andrea Hogan, Steve Cherry, Jill Smith, Emily Stout, and Cheryl Anderson
Excused: Amy Powell
Treasurer’s Report: Amy Powell (Denise Heninger)
Balance is currently close to $25,000. However, after the PTSA dues, Scholastic Book Fair payment, Memory book deposit, and a few miscellaneous expenses are paid, the balance will be around $15,500.

PTSA: Andrea Hogan
PTSA Students received their sweatshirts. The PTSA portion was $200 total. Each student had to pay $11.50 each. Students are selling suckers and hair scrunchies for Oquirrh Fest. If they want to sell them in front of Peterson’s Fresh Market while the SBO students are caroling, they need to contact Brandon Peterson. If there are leftover suckers, the Soar Store will buy them at cost.

Legislative Report: Rebecca Van Skyhawk
Planning Legislative Day at the Capitol for February. Will include the PTSA, SBO, and SOAR Students. Is researching dates and itineraries and will report in January.
President's Report – Maxine Conrad

·         Approval of November 2018 Minutes: Denise 1st; Jill 2nd--Approved
·         Volunteers for Oquirrh Fest: Need volunteers in the morning and at both lunches—Passed around sign-up sheet.
·         Membership Drive/Contest: Deadline January 11, 2019 for PTSA Membership—Mr. Glenn will put a notice on a Skylert message. Jill will procure the necessary JetBlue tickets.
·         Nominating Committee: Rebecca Van Skyhawk, Brittany Maxfield, and Emily Stout. Alternate: Amy Powell.

Reflections: Denise Heninger

·         Awards Breakfast—went well had a little mix-up but worked it out.
·         The “Principal’s Award” did two of them, but could do more if we have more entries
·         Council Awards for Reflections: January 3, 2019

Red Ribbon Week: Wendy Osborne & Beth Kunz

Memory Book: Beth Kunz

Eagle of the Quarter: Emily Stout
On track for January 15-17, 2019

PTC Dinners: Brittany Maxfield & Jill Smith (Emily Butler)
February 12 &13--Will try to include Emily Butler with planning.

Book Fair: Tressa Spigarelli

Principal’s Report: Mike Glenn
·         Oquirrh Fest is benefitting:
o   Gordman’s giving program $2500
o   Riverton Heroes Sub for Santa $2500
o   The remainder will go to the Lymphoma/Leukemia Association for research and to help families with outstanding medical bills.
·         The students learn that giving a little can help in big ways.

Counseling Center: Steve Cherry
·         Reality Town went well.
·         The 8th grade meetings to plan for high school are almost finished.
·         Will meet with any 9th grader who has a “D” or “F” on midterms.
·         Utah Scholars will be handled by the OHMS Counseling Team.
·         Rah Rah and 7th grade registration for January 24, 2019.
·         New parent/student orientation for 8th and 9th graders coming from other schools due to the boundary changes will be held on January 31, 2019.
·         9th graders walk to RHS on February 14, 2019 to tour CTE Programs.
·         Career Day will be on March 7, 2019. Will poll students to decide which careers to highlight.
·         7th Grade will have Job Shadow that day; 8th grade College visits? 9th grade career presentations.

New Business: 

Next Meeting: Thursday, January 10th at 11:45 am (2nd Thursday next month)

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