Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Effects of Internet Pornography

In conjunction with WRAP (White Ribbon Against Pornography) Week, which the PTA is holding April 14-20, we are posting the following information regarding the dangerous effects of pornography. Parents may choose to share this information with their children.

Dr. Joel Amen is the world's leading expert on what takes place in the human brain when introduced to various drugs. Here's what he says happens to children and teens when they are exposed to Internet Pornography:

It will cause their brains to release the most powerful mind-altering, personality changing and emotionally destructive chemicals manufactured by the brain. (called endogenous drugs).

It will create an emotional retardation of a child or teenager that can last a lifetime.

It will create a physical and mental addiction more destructive and harder to break than crack cocaine; an addiction that will likely last the rest of their lives. It can create this total addiction in as little as two weeks.

It will permanently alter and debilitate their personality.

It will permanently damage the judgment area of the brain which doesn't finish developing until a person reaches age 25.

These endogenous drugs will not only result in them making bad judgments in their youth, but will very likely affect their ability to make sound judgments throughout their lives.

It will make it nearly impossible for them to ever have a healthy, loving and lasting relationship with the opposite sex; and, in fact, in most cases would totally sabotage all such relationships.

It could radically reduce their level of achievement in school, sports, and untimately in their work.

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